How to Find PF Member ID With PF Number


How to Find PF Member ID With PF Number

First, let me clarify one thing that there is a small difference between PF member ID and PF number, most EPF members are not aware of this. PF account number means complete PF format of an employee which includes company PF details also like region code, office code, establishment code, extension and finally PF member ID. The last 7 digits of any PF account number is actually the PF member id of the EPF member.



Find PF Member ID With PF Number

In the above example, GRVSP00780890000000456 is PF account number and the last 7 digits 0000456 is the PF member ID.

So whenever you find a PF account number like this then you can consider the last 7 digits as the the actual PF member ID of the employee, these PF member IDs varies from one employee to another employee working in the same organization.

How to Find PF Member ID from UAN number

In case if the EPF member doesn’t remember his PF number but he has his UAN number, then he can find his PF number online, once we know PF number then it is easy to identify the PF member ID, let’s see how to find it…

There are Two ways to find your PF number by using your UAN, first one is at UAN Member portal and the secone one is at PF passbook website.

Process 1

  • Login in UAN member portal with your UAN number and password.
  • Now go to View option in menu bar, and click on service history, now you will find all the PF numbers associated with that UAN number.

Process 2

  • Go PF passbook website, and log in with your UAN number and Password.
  • Now you can find all the PF account numbers linked with that UAN number.

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