How to Delete Apps from MacBook


How to Delete Apps from MacBook

The apps on your mac makes your device worth using because without the apps what would you do on your mac. There are various apps on mac that are already there when you buy the device like Finder, Launchpad, FaceTime, App store and more. All the apps have different function and role such as from app store you can install other apps, FaceTime app lets you make video and voice calls so that you can stay connected with near and dear ones etc. Besides these apps you can also install other apps which you like from the app store. There are times when you wish to delete a particular application because of varied reasons. You can only delete the app when you know how to do that. To learn how to delete apps from MacBook, remove apps from launchpad and more, keep reading the article.

How to Delete Apps from MacBook

How to Delete Apps from MacBook

To gain insights on how to delete apps from MacBook or delete apps on Mac, read the methods discussed below:

Method 1: Using Launchpad

You can access the Launchpad on your mac from the dock. Whatever applications you download from the app store they are contained in the Launchpad. If you want to make yourself familiar on how to delete apps from MacBook, then you can make use of Launchpad. Here is how to remove apps from Launchpad.

1. First, navigate to the Launchpad located on your Dock.

click on launchpad. How to Remove apps from Launchpad

2. After that, click and hold the application that you wish to uninstall till the time it starts to jiggle.

3. Next, click on the X icon located in the upper left corner of the app icon.

4. Then, click on Delete option.

Hence, this is how you can remove apps from Launchpad on MacBook.

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Method 2: Using Finder

Finder app on MacBook gives the users access to the apps that are available on their device, files and more. The sidebar of the Finder app has various sections like Recents, Downloads, Applications and more. Within the Applications sections all your apps are located, so from there you can delete the apps which you no longer want. To gain insights on this method, follow the steps mentioned below:

1. Launch the Finder app from your Dock.

select Finder. How to Remove apps from Launchpad

2. Then, choose the Go > Applications option.

choose go then applications. How to Remove apps from Launchpad

3. Following that, the app that you want to delete, Right click on that app, and then click on Move to Bin option.

click on move to bin

Note: Besides that, you could also press and hold the control key and click on the app that you want to delete.

4. Then, click on Use password or use your Touch ID to continue deleting the app.

tap on use password. How to Remove apps from Launchpad

5. Next, right-click on the bin and click on Empty Bin option.

click on empty bin

6. Finally, to confirm your action, click on the Empty Bin option again to complete the uninstallation process.

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Method 3: Using Uninstaller

To learn how to delete apps from MacBook, you can also opt for this method. The Uninstaller tool is installed along with the app so that the app can be fully uninstalled. If the app that you have installed came with an uninstaller, then make use of this method. To do so, read below:

1. First, click on the Finder app.

Inserting image...

2. Then, select the Go > Applications option.

click on applications. How to Delete Apps from MacBook

3. Next, go to the Search bar and type uninstall.

go to search bar

4. After that, find the uninstaller for the app that you want to delete and click on it.

Note: If you are not able to locate the uninstaller for your app, then that means that it would not have one.

5. Following that, click on Open option, next abide the prompts displayed on your screen to finish the uninstallation process.

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How to Uninstall Downloads on Mac

After discussing how to delete apps from MacBook, now let’s discuss how to uninstall Downloads on Mac. To learn this, follow the discussed steps:

1. Navigate to Finder > Go > Downloads option.

click on downloads. How to Delete Apps from MacBook

2. After you launch the Downloads folder, press and hold Command+A keys to select all the files.

3. After all the files are highlighted, then expand the File menu located in the top of your mac screen and click on Move to Bin option.

click on move to bin. How to Delete Apps from MacBook

4. Hereafter, your files will move to the Trash, if you wish to delete the items in the trash permanently, then click on Finder > Empty Bin option.

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How to Delete Download History from Safari

Even after you have deleted the downloaded files on your Mac, but if you have made use of the web browser to download those files, then its history will be stored in the browser. Make note of the fact that when you clear the download history from your device, then it does not delete the files that you have downloaded from your computer. It only deletes the history of the files that you have downloaded. To delete the downloaded history from the safari browser, read the steps given below:

1. Navigate to the Safari browser on your Mac.

2. Then, click on History option located in the menu bar to get access to the browser history.

3. After that, click on Clear History option to delete your download history.

click on clear history. How to Remove apps from Launchpad

4. To delete all your history at once, click on all history option, if not then choose from the other options available like the last hour, today etc. Then, click on the Clear History option once more to finish the process.

select clear history. How to Delete Apps from MacBook


This brings us to the end of our article. We hope after reading our guide you were able to able to learn How to delete apps from MacBook including the steps to remove apps from Launchpad. You can reach out to us with your suggestions and queries via the comments section below. Also, let us know what topic you want to gain insights on in our next article.


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