How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV


How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

A television with built-in Internet capabilities, such as the Samsung Smart TV, offers more sophisticated computer power and connectivity than a standard television. Smart TV functions as a computer system from a mobile computer or as an information appliance that is built into a television. The user of a Smart TV can frequently install and use more sophisticated applications built on a particular platform. Smart TVs currently collect transient data, similar to the TV’s cache, just as other smart devices. It facilitates the opening of specific apps and enhances the functionality of the TV. But if you can’t clear it, your Samsung TV can run out of storage. This article will explain how to clear cache on Samsung TV to clear up space. So, read until the end to learn more if you’re wondering why can’t I clear cache on Samsung TV and how to clear cache on Prime Video on Samsung TV.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV

Keep reading further to find the steps explaining how to clear cache on Samsung TV in detail with useful illustrations for better understanding.

Can I Clear Cache on Samsung TV?

Yes. You can free up some space by deleting the cache and data for your applications. You may erase the cache in your Samsung TV’s built-in browser if you use it to access the internet. Each app’s cache data needs to be cleared separately. Continue in this manner until you have cleared the cache for all loaded apps on your Samsung TV, depending on the model year of your device.

Why Can’t I Clear Cache on Samsung TV?

If you are wondering, why can’t I delete cache on Samsung TV, consider setting your television to reset now. However, you should be aware that executing a reset would remove all of the data from your device, including its memory. Cached browser data that is kept on your system might cause a variety of issues. Your Samsung TV may eventually acquire a lot of faulty cookies and browser data. As a response, the device’s browsing performance may worsen.

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How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV?

Your Samsung TV may eventually acquire a lot of cookies and browser data. The device’s browsing experience can suffer as a result. To know how to delete cache on Samsung TV, read below.

Method 1: For Models from 2019

1. From the home screen, open the Settings page.

2. Move to the Support tab and select the Self Diagnosis option.

self diagnosis

3. Select the TV device manager option.

Note: This option may be not available in certain versions; proceed to the next method if you cannot find this option.

4. Select the Clean Now button in the following sections:

  • Memory Boost
  • Clean Running Apps

Method 2: For Models from 2020 and Beyond

1. Use the Home button on the remote to turn on your Samsung TV.

2. Under Settings, select Device Care.

3. Choose Manage Storage.

4. Choose Clear Cache by selecting View Details.

5. Select Close when finished.

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How to Clear Cache on Samsung Q60 TV?

The entry-level 4k QLED from Samsung’s 2020 portfolio is the Samsung Q60/Q60T QLED, also offered as the Samsung Q6DT at Costco and Sam’s Club. It’s a great TV all around.

1. Power on your Samsung Smart TV.

2. Press the Home button on your remote.

3. Go to Settings > Broadcasting > Expert Settings.

4. Go to HbbTV Settings.

5. Select Delete Browsing Data.

HbbTV Settings

6. Select Yes to clear cache on Smart TV.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung Series 6 TV?

TCL’s Mini-LED display technology, found in the 6-Series, offers more precise contrast management than conventional full-array LED displays, like those found in the 5-Series. On your Samsung TV, the Smart Hub is the primary menu where you may access all of the apps and services available.

1. Go to the Smart Hub.

2. Then, select Settings.

3.  Choose Delete Cache to clear the cache.

How to Clear Cache on Samsung TV Series 8?

To learn How to clear cache on Samsung TV Models of Samsung Q/TL/S TVs:

1. Press the Home button on the remote to turn on your Samsung TV.

2. Access Settings.

Access Settings

3. Select Broadcasting.

4. Select Expert Settings.

5. Select Clear Browsing Data under HbbTV Settings.

6. Then, choose Yes to remove cache data.

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How to Clear YouTube Cache on Samsung Smart TV?

To clear YouTube cache on Samsung Smart TV:

1. Press the Home button on your Samsung TV remote to open the Smart Hub options.

2. Here, select Settings.

Settings menu Samsung Smart TV Home Screen

3. Now, navigate to and select the Apps tab.

4. Now, select System Apps.

5. Here, locate and select YouTube.

6. Now, select the Clear Cache option.

7. Finally, choose OK to confirm the process.

How to Clear Cache on Prime Video on Samsung TV?

Read and follow the steps mentioned above to delete the cache for Prime Video or any other application on your Samsung Smart TV.

By cleaning the cache, you may experience a brand-new Samsung TV in less than ten minutes. This straightforward procedure solves issues and provides a better home entertainment experience. Give yourself the gift of a clean cache, then relax and take in the show without any worries. Are you ready to enhance how you watch television? Immediately delete the cache on your Samsung TV.


So, we hope you have understood how to clear cache on Samsung TV with the detailed steps to your aid. You can let us know any queries or suggestions about any other topic you want us to make an article on. Drop them in the comments section below for us to know.


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