How to Change the Date of Joining in EPF by Employer Online


How to Change the Date of Joining in EPF by Employer Online


Changing the date of joining online by both employer and employee is not possible. If by mistake employer updates the wrong date of exit then they need to submit PF joint declaration form to their PF regional office along with a request letter on the company letterhead.

EPF members can correct their name, date of birth, and gender details only online by using their UAN number.

To correct the date of joining or date of exit they should fill below PF joint declaration form ( PF date of joining change form)

PF Date of Joining Correction Using PF Joining Declaration Form

  • On PF joint declaration form you can see a field called the date of joining, here enter the correct date of joining and also the wrong date of joining.
  • After filling this form take the signature of the employee and employer and submit it to the PF office along with a request letter from the company to the PF office.

Request Letter to Change Date of Joining in EPF


The PF Commissioner,

PF Office,


Sub: Request for the date of joining correction.

Dear Sir/Madam,

        We, the ____________(company name) writing this letter regarding date of joining correction of our employee Mr/Mrs______________(EPF member name), UAN :____________, PF member Id __________.

His actual date of joining is _______, but in PF portal it was wrongly mentioned as ________. So we are requesting you to please correct his date of joining to _______(write correct DOJ here).

Thanking you.

For the Company Name,

Authorized Signatory.

Take the signature of authorized person of PF in the company and submit this letter along with the PF joint declaration form.

Note: Hence there is no online facility till now in the UAN portal, we have to follow the offline procedure to correct the wrong date of joining in the PF portal.

PF Joining Date Correction FAQs

Employee or employer who should submit the above documents

Any one can submit the PF joint declaration form and request letter, but before submitting them to PF office make sure that they are duly signed by the employee and employer.

Can I change PF date of exit in online

No, you can’t change date of exit online, for that also you have to follow the above mentioned offline process.

How many days it will take to correct date of joining in PF

It will take maximum 20 days to correct wrong date of joining in PF portal from the date of submitting the joining declaration form to the PF office.

Can I apply for date of joining change after leaving the job

Yes, you can apply for DOJ change whenever you find it wrong. But if possible it is always better to correct such things while in the job because you will get your employer support, but later also not a problem.

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