How to Block Particular Companies in Naukri Portal


How to Block Particular Companies in Naukri Portal


Do you know you can block some companies (recruiters) in Naukri. You can use this option when you are getting unnecesary calls from any recruiter or do you want to hide your profile to your current company. Here you can know the step by step process of blocking companies in Naukri portal.

How to Block Companies in Naukri Portal

Step 1:- To block companies in Naukri go to and login with your user id and password.

Step 2:- Now go to My Naukri –> settings options at top right hand side of the Naukri portal.

how to block particular companies in naukri portal

Step 3:- Now on left side bar there is an option called block companies, click on that.

how to block companies in naukri portal

Step 4:- Now enter the name of the company to which you want to hide your resume. You can add multiple companies here. After adding the names of the companies click on save.

blocking companies in

How to Block Companies in Naukri Mobile App

If you are using Naukri mobile application, then follow the below process to block recruiters in Naukri.

block companies in naukri mobile app.

Step 1:- Sign in Naukri mobile app and go to settings options.

Step 2:- Now you can find an option called blocked companies, now click on that.

Step 3:- Now enter the names of the companies which you want to block, after adding the companies click on save.

Now you don’t receive calls from those companies.

How to block current company

There is no separate option to block your current company in Naukri, you have to follow the above mention process. In blocked companies list, you need to enter your present company name. So that your present employer will not see your profile.

When Should We Block Companies

In general, the job seekers block companies when they don’t want to get calls from some particular employers because some recruiters call the job seekers again and again.

In order to avoid such calls, we can block those kinds of recruiters. And another reason is when you don’t want to show your profile to your present employer, then also you can block your current employer in Naukri.

How to Unblock the Companies

Unblocking blocked companies in Naukri is easy process, first you need to open the list of the blocked companies, either in Naukri portal or app.

Now remove the name of the companies which you wan to unblock and click on save. Now your profile will be visible to you, during their search.

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