How to Apply for EPS Scheme Certificate Online


How to Apply for EPS Scheme Certificate Online


What is Pension scheme certificate: Pension scheme certificate is a document which consists of the past service details of the EPF members for which they have contributed to PF. Whenever the EPF members change their job then they have to get a new pension scheme certificate with updated service details.

EPF members who complete 10 yrs (9 years 6 months) of service will become eligible to get a monthly pension after their retirement age of 58 years. But in the meantime whenever they change their jobs then they can become eligible to apply for the PF pension scheme certificate.

The EPF members can get a minimum pension amount for 1000 Rs as per PF rules and the maximum amount depends on their last drawn basic wage+DA and their total service.

How to Get PF Pension Scheme Certificate Online

Earlier to apply for the pension scheme certificate the EPF members need to submit a form called PF form 10C. But now EPF members can apply for a pension scheme certificate online.

For this, you need to install an app called Umang (Unified mobile application for new-age governance) on your mobile phone.

By the time of writing this article, there is no option is provided in the UAN member portal to apply for the PF pension scheme certificate.

Step by step procedure to apply for PF pension scheme certificate

Step 1: Download and register in Umang mobile app on your mobile.

Step 2: Now click on EPFO under services. ( If you didn’t find it then type EPFO in search bar)

How to Apply for EPS Scheme Certificate Online

(Note:- For first-time users you need to give your PF details)

Step 3: Now click on raise claim. Now you have to enter the UAN and then you will receive an OTP to your PF registered mobile number. Now enter that OTP and verify it.

Step 4: Now enter your bank account number to proceed for further steps.

Step 5: Now select your PF member ID for which you want to apply for a pension scheme certificate and click on next.

Step 6: Now enter your address details and select the state and district. (Enter the correct address so that you will not miss the delivery of your PF pension scheme certificate)

Step 7: Now you will find the eligible claim types, under which select Form 10C (Scheme Certificate).

Step 8: Now accept the declaration and click on Get Aadhar OTP.

Step 9: Now you will receive an OTP to your mobile number which is linked to your Aaddhar. Now enter that OTP and submit your request.

Step 10: After submitting the claim request within 30 days your pension scheme certificate will be delivered to your address through courier.

Use of Pension Scheme Certificate

  1. You need to submit it to your PF office to get a monthly pension from EPFO.  It is required to apply for a monthly pension after 58 yrs of your age.
  2. Incase the EPF member dies then the nominees can use this certificate to apply for the PF pension
  3. Get an updated pension certificate whenever you lave your job and keep it in a safe place so that you or your family members will not face any problem while applying for the monthly pension.

FAQs on EPF Pension Scheme Certificate

Can I download the PF pension scheme certificate online

No, you cannot download your pension scheme certificate online. You can only apply for the scheme certificate online in the Umang app, and it will be delivered to your address through courier.

Do I need a pension scheme certificate, If I transfer my PF

It is always better to have your pension scheme certificates with you even though you transfer your PF amount to new PF accounts.

What to do If I lose my pension scheme certificate

you can get a duplicate copy of your pensions scheme certificate by writing a request letter to your PF office. Along with that, you need to submit an affidavit on the 20Rs bond paper.

What are the documents required for PF pension

Pension scheme certificate, canceled cheque with name printed on it, or bank passbook copy. Incase nominees are applying for the pension then they need to submit the death certificate of the EPF member.


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