How to Add A Record with Namecheap

1. Log in to your Namecheap account.

2. Click on the “Domains” tab at the top of the page.

3. Select the domain you wish to add a record to.

4. Click on the “Advanced DNS” tab.

5. Scroll down to the “Host Records” section.

6. Click on the “Add New Record” button.

7. Select the type of record you wish to add from the drop-down menu.

8. Enter the host name, value, and TTL for the record.

9. Click on the “Save Changes” button.

10. Your record will now be added to the domain.

Namecheap, an ICANN accredited registrar, has issued over 5 million domains and is a very popular choice among WordPress users because they offer cheap WordPress hosting, have great customer service, and have maintained a strong anti-SOPA position. They have been helping people get their names on the web since 2001.

When you are pointing your domain to Kinsta you have two options, the first is to use an A record, and the second is to utilize Kinsta’s premium DNS feature with Amazon Route 53. The first option requires that you actually add a custom A record with Namecheap that points to your assigned IP at Kinsta.

Add A Record with Namecheap

Step 1

First, log in to your Namecheap account dashboard.

namecheap login
Namecheap login

Step 2

Next to the domain you want to point to Kinsta, click on “Manage.”

namecheap manage domain
Namecheap manage domain

Step 3

Click into the “Advanced DNS” tab and then click on “Add New Record.” If you see an A Record that already exists you will simply need to edit it (skip to the next step).

add new dns record namecheap
Add new DNS record at Namecheap

If your screen doesn’t look like image above, it’s most likely because you have your DNS pointed elsewhere. In other words, to create DNS records at Namecheap, you need to be using “Namecheap BasicDNS” which is included with every domain. You can check by going into the “Domain” tab.

If you have something custom in the nameserver fields such as and, this means you’re managing your DNS at Cloudflare. Remember, a domain registrar and DNS are two completely separate things. If you have any questions about this, please reach out to our support team.

Namecheap BasicDNS
Namecheap BasicDNS

Step 4

You will need to select “A record” in the dropdown and input your “Site IP Address” from MyKinsta. The “Site IP Address” can be found on your site’s “Info” page.

Site IP address in MyKinsta.
Site IP address in MyKinsta.

Input @ for the host and take the IP address from the Kinsta dashboard and input it into the value field. You can leave the TTL as automatic and click the green check mark when finished.

namecheap a record ip address
Namecheap A record IP address

It may take a few minutes for your A name record to propagate everywhere. You can use a free tool like What’s My DNS to check if your A records is pointing correctly. And that’s it. Your domain is now pointed at Kinsta.

Add A Record for Subdomain with Namecheap

Below we’ll walk you through how to add an A record for a subdomain with Namecheap.

Step 1

Click into the “Advanced DNS” tab and then click on “Add New Record.”

Namecheap add new record
Namecheap add a new record

Step 2

Choose A for the record type and input your subdomain for the Host. Important: Don’t enter your full domain name, only the subdomain part. Example: Then enter in your Kinsta IPv4 address from the MyKinsta dashboard and click the green check mark when finished.

Namecheap subdomain A record
Namecheap subdomain A record

And don’t forget to add the subdomain to your site in the MyKinsta dashboard.

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