How Many Times We can Withdraw PF Advance for Illness


How Many Times We can Withdraw PF Advance for Illness


Illness is the most widely used option among EPF members to withdraw PF advance. Whey they are really ill or not still they can claim their PF advance amount by using illness option. But the common question regarding PF advance with illness reason is how many times we can withdraw PF advance by using illness as a reason.

Unlike other EPF advance withdrawal reasons, there is no maximum limit to withdraw PF advance for illness reason. EPF members can withdraw PF advance for medical reasons as many times as they need it. But they need to have a sufficient amount in their PF account. In general EPF members can get their 6 months basic wage + DA or their total employee PF contribution whichever is less.

PF Advance Limits for Different Reasons

Is Illness and Out Break of Pandemic Covid 19 Reason are Same

No, they both are different reasons. Out break of pandemic Covid 19 reason was introduced to help the EPF members during the lockdown in India.

Under this reason employees can withdraw PF advance only once and the amount is also 75% of employee & employer contribution or last 3 months basic wage + DA whichever is less.

If you have already taken PF advance amount under the outbreak of pandemic COVID 19 reason then next time you can’t use the same reason for PF advance claim, but you can withdraw your PF advance amount with illness reason.

Will Any One Check If I Apply for PF Advance with Illness Reason

Physically, no one will check you to know whether you or your family members are really ill or not. But EPF officers will check whether you have enough funds in your PF account or not.

If you have enough funds then they will approve your claim and credit your PF amount into your bank account.

Do I Need to Submit Medical Bills to Get PF Advance with Illness Reason

No, you don’t need to submit any medical bills or doctor prescriptions to get PF advance for this reason. Based on the trust EPFO will settle your PF advance and finally that is your amount. And by withdrawing the PF advance amount you are losing 8.50% interest in the accumulated PF contributions of your and your employer.

How Much Time Will It Take to Get PF Advance Amount

The maximum time to credit PF advance in your bank account is 20 days, but some times the claim will also be settled before the stipulated time. To receive the PF advance amount without any reason the EPF members need to update the correct bank account number and IFSC code in the UAN member portal.


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