How many Days It will Take to Transfer PF Online


How many Days It will Take to Transfer PF Online


The PF transfer process will be completed a maximum of 20 days from the date of applying for the PF transfer claim online. If your claim is not yet settled within 20 days then register a complaint on the EPF grievance portal then you will get a solution to your PF transfer problem.

Steps in PF Transfer Process

There are mainly Three steps involved in PF Transfer Process

Step 1 (PF transfer request by EPF member): To transfer PF from previous company to new company EPF member needs to submit PF transfer form 13 online on UAN member portal. 

Now the PF transfer claim status shows “pending at employer”

Step 2 (Pending approval of employer):  When the claim is submitted by the employer then the request will be immediately sent to either previous employer or present employer based on the option chosen while applying for PF transfer.

Once the employer approves the transfer request then your request will pass to your PF office. Now the status will be shown as pending at EPF office

Step 3 (Approval by EPF office): When the PF transfer request is sent to your PF regional office then they will check whether the EPF member has enough funds in the PF account or not. If everything is fine then they will approve the PF transfer request.

So overall to complete this entire process it will take a maximum of 20 days or less.


What is the final status of PF transfer

Accepted by the PF office is the final status that you can see when your PF successfully transfers to your new PF account from your previous employer.

What to do if my PF amount doesn’t transfer within 20 days

You can register a complaint on EPF grievance portal then your complaint will be sent to your EPF office and they will tell you the reason for delay through email or you can also check the status on PF grievance portal itself.

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