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How Does Bumble Work?

Bumble is one of the most popular online dating platforms, with an increasing user base. The application was launched in 2014, and since then it has garnered over 42 million users on its platform. Bumble is often praised for its inviting interface and easy-to-use features. Bumble gives users various features to stand out among millions of profiles. This guide will discuss profile features that you can use to boost your matches. We will also discuss how does Bumble work for guys, females, and non-binary individuals, with additional tips to boost your matches. Continue reading to know how much does Bumble cost. <img class=”alignnone wp-image-158539 size-full” src=”” alt=”How Does Bumble Work?” width=”1200″ height=”800″>

How Does Bumble Work?

Here, we have explained how does Bumble work for guys and female in detail.

How to Use Bumble for Guys

The Bumble application does not have many different features for men compared to other genders. If you are a man and want to set up a Bumble profile, you can sign up for an account. It is important to add clear pictures and an attractive bio. However, when you match a woman’s profile, you won’t be allowed to send her a message. This is how does bumble work for females. You can only chat when the other profile makes the first move. On the other hand, if you are looking for a same-sex partner, you will be allowed to make the first move in the chats. Continue reading to learn how does bumble work for free and what features you get with it.

Useful Bumble Tips for Guys on Bumble

Now that we know how does bumble work for guys, let’s discuss some tips to improve your profile. The following are some of the useful tips that you can use to boost your matches on Bumble.

  • Keep chats interactive: Instead of giving one-line answers, keep the conversation interesting, you can ask questions, and discuss mutual hobbies.
  • Select the best pictures: While setting up your profile, make sure to upload your best pictures. Try to select a clear, good-quality picture of yourself.

Also in this guide, continue reading to know how much does Bumble cost for the premium version.

How to Use Bumble: For Females

Bumble is often regarded as one of the safest dating applications. You can easily sign up for a profile on the platform. Make sure to use clear pictures, and a brief bio to introduce yourself. One of the best features of Bumble is that when you match with a man, you get to send the first text. This feature was introduced to avoid obscenity and to make you comfortable and safe on the platform.

Useful Bumble Tips for Women

The following are some of the useful tips that you can use to boost your matches on Bumble.

  • Start the conversation with a question: Since you get to send the first text, you can start a question more interactively. You can ask a question or give a compliment to start the conversation.
  • Use clear pictures: While uploading your pictures, use clear pictures to match most profiles.

Now that we have explained how does bumble work for females, let us discuss how it works for non-binary people.

How to Use Bumble: for Non-Binary People

In the previous sections, we explained how does bumble work for guys and women; now let’s discuss how it works for non-binary people. If you are a non-binary individual, Bumble is a safe platform for you. You can easily set up your profile. Bumble allows you to express your hobbies and gender, highlight your personality, and set your preferences. Once you match with a profile, you can start chatting and connecting with other people without restrictions. Continue reading to learn how does bumble work for free and how much Bumble Premium costs.

Useful Tips for Non-Binary Individuals

The following are some of the best tips to get more matches on Bumble. Keep reading to learn how much does bumble cost for the premium version of the app.

  • Set your preferences: While creating the profile, make sure to highlight your pronounce and other dating preferences.
  • Share your interests: In your profile, mention your interests and hobbies. You can also chat with your matches about mutual interests.

Now that we have discussed how does bumble work for guys, women, and non-binary people, let’s discuss in the next section how the Bumble app works and what some of its features are.

Bumble App: Features

bumble about page

Bumble is one of the fastest-growing online dating applications on mobile phones. The bright yellow interface of the application invites users to a friendly and easy-to-follow mobile application. When you sign up for Bumble, you have various features to highlight your profile and make it stand out among millions of other profiles. The following are some of the common features provided by Bumble to set up a fine profile:

  • Photos and videos
  • Verification
  • My interests
  • Audio prompts
  • Written prompts
  • My bio
  • My basics
  • More about me
  • My pronouns
  • Languages I know
  • Connected accounts

1. Photos and videos: One of the most basic functions of any dating application and also explains how does bumble work for free, Photos and videos option allows you to add your profile pictures and videos. You can add up to six profile pictures and videos. You can also enable the Best Photo option. This will allow Bumble’s AI to promote your most liked picture in the Bumble feed. Photos and videos are important in setting up your profile, so make sure you are using clear pictures and good-quality videos. Read the previous section to know how does bumble work for females.

2. Verification: Once you have uploaded pictures to your Bumble account, now it’s time to verify that it really is you. Once you tap on the verification button, Bumble will ask you to click a live picture and verify if the person is real. Once you are verified, you will see a blue star badge next to your profile name. Verification not only allows Bumble and users to detect fake profiles, but it also boosts your matches on the platform. In the next section, find out how much does bumble cost for the premium version.

3. My interests: This section in your Bumble profile allows you to express your hobbies and interests to other users. You can select from a list of hobbies and activities to highlight some of your creative sides. It is a fun feature and can help you stand out.

4. Audio prompt: Relatively a new feature, Audio prompts allows you to pick a prompt question, and answer it in your voice. Audio prompts can also help you be creative and get you many more matches.

5. Written prompts: A popular feature of the app, written prompts are small, one-liner prompts that give a glimpse into your life. Prompts can include your interests, hobbies, quirks, and fun facts about you. You can add multiple written prompts to your profile.

6. My bio: Your bio is a crucial part of your Bumble profile. Bio includes a brief description of yourself. This description can include things like who you are, greetings, etc. This is the first chance for you to introduce yourself to other users. Therefore, it is important to keep your bio brief but precise.

7. My Basics: This section allows users to get to know you a little bit better. Here, you can add your work, educational background, gender, location, and hometown details. You also get to set your COVID dating preferences. COVID dating allows you to use Bumble during COVID lockdowns and quarantine situations.

8. More about me: This section includes additional information about you. You can add information such as your height, exercise preferences, education level, drinking habits, smoking habits, what you’re looking for or your expectations out of the app, kids’ preferences, star signs, political beliefs, and religion. The more about me section helps other people determine your personality, and you can match with like-minded people.

9. My pronouns: Pronouns are important in setting up a profile, as they help other people address you in chat. You can select from nine different pronouns. If you prefer to use a different pronoun that is not listed in bumble, you can report it to Bumble by selecting Contact support.

10. Languages I Know: Here, you can select your preferred languages from a list of popular languages worldwide.

11. Connected accounts: This option allows you to connect your Instagram and Spotify accounts to your Bumble profile. When you connect your Instagram to Bumble, other people can also see your Instagram pictures on Bumble. Similarly, people can also see your top artists on Spotify.

Now, that you know how does Bumble work and the features of the app, then read the next section to know how much does Bumble cost.

What is Bumble Premium?

Bumble Premium

Bumble Premium is the paid version of the free Bumble app. The premium version provides you with a variety of options. The following are some of the features that you get with Bumble Premium.

  • Unlimited likes
  • Beeline
  • Advanced filters
  • Incognito mode
  • Travel mode
  • 5 SuperSwipes a week
  • 1 Spotlight a week
  • Unlimited Extends
  • Unlimited Rematch
  • Unlimited Backtrack

You can get Bumble Premium for a month for just $39.99. This is how much does Bumble cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What is the Bumble application?

Ans. Bumble is an online dating application that uses algorithms to find the best matches for you.

Q2. Is Bumble better than Tinder?

Ans. Bumble and Tinder are both popular dating sites. Launched in 2014, Bumble is the second most popular dating site in the United States after Tinder.

Q3. How do I set up a Bumble profile?

Ans. You can set up a Bumble profile by uploading your pictures and writing a bio for yourself.

Q4. Is Bumble safe for women?

Ans. Yes, Bumble is one of the safest online dating platforms for women. When a woman matches with a man, the man is not allowed to send the first text.

Q5. How do I match with people on Bumble?

Ans. You can match with people on Bumble after setting up your profile and uploading pictures.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to figure out how does bumble work for guys. Let us know how your Bumble experience was. If you have any suggestions or queries for us, please let us know in the comment section.


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