Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072EF3


Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072EF3

Xbox is one of the leading gaming brands in the world; adored by the gaming community. However, Xbox is prone to various errors and bugs; Xbox live error code 80072EF3 is one such error. This error is usually credited to a bad network connection. Xbox 360 error code 80072EF3 appears while attempting to sign in to the Xbox account; usually, this error can be resolved by following a few simple methods.

Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072EF3

How to Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072EF3

There can be multiple reasons for this Xbox error to appear on your computer; some of the major reasons are mentioned below.

  • A bad network connection is one of the major reasons for this error to appear
  • Corrupted Cache and system game files can also trigger the Xbox errors
  • Various issues with profile, such as configuration issues can also sometimes cause Xbox errors
  • Unpaid subscriptions can prevent you from signing in to your Xbox account

The following guide will give you methods to fix the Xbox live error code 80072EF3 while signing in to Xbox live.

Method 1: Verify Xbox Live Server Status

When the Xbox live servers are down, you will have trouble signing in to your Xbox account. This issue is credited to the Xbox live servers and only can be resolved when the servers are up and running. You can check the status of the servers by visiting the official Xbox live status page on the official website. 

xbox status. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072ef3    

Method 2: Restart Xbox Controller

This is a general solution to the 80072EF3 error on Xbox. Generally, most of the errors in Xbox, including the Xbox 360 error code 80072EF3 error can be fixed by simply restarting the Xbox console.

1. Press the Xbox Guide button for some time on your Xbox controller.

xbox controller guide button

2. Then, press the button, after turning off the Xbox console option.

press A button

3. Wait for a few minutes and restart your Xbox console.

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Method 3: Troubleshoot Network Connection

One of the most common reasons for the Xbox live error code 80073EF3 is a bad internet connection; if you receive this error check your network connection, or reconnect your WiFi router with your device. Often, WiFi errors can also cause this error, therefore, ensure that you have a stable network connection. Follow these steps to troubleshoot network issues.

1. Press the Xbox button from the controller to launch the guide.

xbox controller xbox button

2. Then, select Profile & system > Settings from the left pane, as shown below.

select Profile and System and click on Settings. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072EF3

3. From the General section, select the Network settings option.

select the Network settings option

4. Here, choose the Test network connection option to run a speed test.

choose the Test network connection option. Fix Xbox Error Code 0x8b0500b6

5.. Then, go to Network settings again and select Advanced settings, as shown below.

Select Advanced settings. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072EF3

6. Now, select Alternative Mac address > Clear option.

7. Lastly, restart your Wi-Fi router as the Xbox console is restarting.

Method 4: Pay Required Xbox Subscription

Most Xbox users use paid services that are provided by the Xbox live. To continue to enjoy the benefits of these services you will have to pay for the required subscription fees. If your subscription has expired or you haven’t paid for the service, you can avoid this error by paying the subscription fees.

1. Sign in to your Microsoft account and navigate to services & subscriptions.

Click on the Services & subscriptions tab

2. Locate and due subscription fee, if there are any due fees it will display in red.

3. Select the Pay now option and follow the instructions to make the payment.

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Method 5: Clear System Cache

If your Xbox game files have corrupted Cache files, these files can cause several errors in your Xbox live console. To fix the errors caused by the corrupt cache files you can simply erase these files from your system.

1. Press the Xbox Guide.

2. Navigate to Settings and select System Settings.

select storage setting. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072ef3

3. Now, select Storage and select the device that you want to clear, and press the button.

xbox controller Y button

4. From the Menu select Clear System Cache and confirm it by selecting Yes.   

Method 6: Delete and Re-download the Profile

The error 80072EF3 may be caused by a profile error with Xbox live. In this case, Xbox 360 live error code 80072EF3 can be fixed by deleting and re-downloading the profile stored in your Xbox console.

1. Press the Guide button on your controller.

2. Go to Settings and select System.

xbox one system settings

3. Now, select Storage and then select All Devices.

select storage setting. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072ef3

4. Navigate to the Gamer Profile and then select and Delete the gamertag that you wish to delete.

5. Now select Delete Profile Only, this will delete the game profile but will keep the game progress and achievements.

After deleting the profile you will have to re-download the profile

1. Press the Guide button.

xbox controller guide button

2. Now, select the Download Profile option.

3. Login with your Microsoft account that is associated with your gamertag.

4. Select the storage device for your profile, and wait for the downloading to start.

5. After the downloading finishes sign in to your profile.

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Method 7: Clear Corrupted Save Game Files

Often the Xbox live error code 80072EF3 issue occurs due to the corrupted saved game files; this issue can be resolved by clearing these files.

1. Press the Guide button on your Xbox controller.

2. Go to Settings and choose System Settings.

3. Now, navigate to Storage.

select storage setting. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072ef3

4. Select a preferred storage location and press the button.

5. Select Games and Apps and press the A button.

6. Locate all the corrupted game files, these files will be displayed in yellow.

7. Select the corrupted file and press the button.

press A button

8. Select Delete and press the button.

9. Confirm the process by selecting Yes.

10. Follow the same steps for all the corrupted saved game files.   

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Method 8: Perform Factory Reset

If none of the previous methods works for you and you continue to receive an 80072EF3 error on Xbox live, you can try to fix this issue by performing a factory reset. However, to resolve Xbox 360 live error code 80072EF3 issue a factory reset will erase all the files from your profile.

1. Press the Guide button.

xbox controller guide button. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072ef3

2. Navigate to Settings and then select All Settings.

3. Now, select System and go to Console info & update.

select console info. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072ef3

4. Finally, select the Reset Console option.

Select Reset console

5. Select Reset and keep my games & apps option and reset the data.

Select RESET AND KEEP MY GAMES and APPS. Fix Xbox Live Error Code 80072EF3

6. If you continue to receive the same error, follow the previous steps again and select Reset and remove everything.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How to fix Xbox live errors?

Ans. Most of the Xbox live errors are caused by game files or cache files, you can easily avoid these errors by clearing these files from your device.

Q2. Why can’t I use Xbox live? 

Ans. There can be multiple reasons for Xbox live not working. Most of these errors are caused by corrupted files and bad network connections.

Q3. What is an error code in Xbox?

Ans. An Xbox error code refers to a particular error or bug in the console. These errors can cause the Xbox console to not work properly.


We hope this guide was helpful to you and you were able to fix Xbox live error code 80072EF3 in your console. Let us know which method worked for you the best. If you have any suggestions or queries, please write them in the comment section.


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