Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10


Microsoft applications are well known for their wide variety of productive apps like Word, PowerPoint, OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, and many more that require in an operating system. Their wide range of products allows people to use them as per their requirements. It is available wholly for both professional and personal use. Everyone would accept the fact that Microsoft revolutionized the online tools and services platform admirably. Though they are well-known and fantastic applications, they are also prone to be affected by error at times. One such error message states Something went wrong. We’re sorry, but we are unable to start your program. Please ensure it is not disabled by the system. Error Code: 1058-13. Microsoft Office error code 1058-13 problem can be easily rectified and is pretty simple. Continue reading to know how to fix Office 2013 stopped working in Windows 10.

Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

How to Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

If you want to remove the error code 1058 13 in your MS Office 2013, then you need to perform certain solutions which are given in this article guide. Before delving directly into solutions, let’s look into the possible reasons behind this Office error code 1058 13 which are listed below:

  • Having poor internet connection or certain failures concerning network hardware components.
  • If your graphic drivers are a bit outdated, then it can cause certain technical glitches.
  • Using an older version of OS or Microsoft Office 2013 application.
  • If your VPN or proxy settings are enabled, then it might affect your seamless functioning of Microsoft applications.
  • If your Microsoft Click to Run service is not turned on, then its process automatically disables the Microsoft applications and prevents you from accessing them.

The error code 1058 13 message can be appeared due to a bad internet connection. A poor network problem is the first thing you need to check for any kind of technical glitches. This is because seamless internet is imperative for any online process to happen on your PC. Sometimes the internet problem can occur mainly because of hardware failure and low bandwidth while receiving. Therefore, check if your wired or wireless device connection is working properly. If not, first troubleshoot it and then try opening Microsoft Office.

Note: To check your internet speed, perform a speed test.

Perform a speed test

Now, try out every single method given below one by one till you find your potential fix for the error code pertaining with respect to accessing MS office 2013.

Method 1: Update Microsoft Office

Sometimes if your office 2013 stopped working windows 10 happens when it is not accessed in its latest patch. In such scenarios, you need to check and update Microsoft office 2013 automatically or manually. To manually update the software, follow the steps given below.

1. Press the Windows key, type PowerPoint and click Open to launch Microsoft PowerPoint.

Note: Microsoft PowerPoint is used as an example here.

open powerpoint app

2. Click on the File menu as highlighted.

Select File. Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

3. Here, navigate to the Account menu.

click on account

4. Then, search and locate Office Updates option on the Account page. Here, click the dropdown and select Update Now option from the context menu.

click on update now in powerpoint. Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

5. Ensure your Office version installed is up to date. If not, wait till the update process to complete and make sure you receive a prompt as shown below.

Ensure the office version is up to date

Once the Office updates are installed, relaunch the respective application and see if the issue prevailing with office 2013 something went wrong error 1058-13 is resolved.

Method 2: Update Graphic Drivers

The graphic driver is an essential feature of a computer. The GPU manufacturers often release updates and features. Also, to avoid any kind of technical issues like flickering screen, improper display working, screen on/off, and so forth, it is necessary to update the graphic driver as they are responsible for the efficiency and performance of the computer. So, update the graphic driver to resolve the persisting error code in your MS Office 2013 and see if this update helps out. Read our guide on 4 ways to update graphic drivers in Windows 10 to do the same.

update nvidia geforce driver

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Method 3: Update Windows

Windows Update is a first-thought solution for any file-related errors. This is the case certainly also applicable to the error in wsclient.dll. Thus, it is necessary to check if the Windows operating system is functioning smoothly. Error and bugs are always meant to happen in Windows OS as they are inevitable. To rectify it, Microsoft often releases an updated version of the OS by fixing those bugs and errors. In addition, they also enhance security features to protect the system from cyber-related concerns and compatibility attributes. If you are using an outdated version of Windows 10, check our guide How to Download and Install Windows 10 Latest Update here.

Update Windows. Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

Method 4: Disable VPN or Proxy Servers

A VPN or virtual private network is a technology that provides you privacy online, which means its strong encryption enables users to protect all the data you receive or send on the internet and to browse anonymously. Sometimes these VPN services create conflict with the work order of certain apps. In this case, it could create problems for Microsoft applications, when connected with a VPN. Hence, you need to disable it temporarily while trying to access any MS office applications in your system.

Read our guide on How to Disable VPN and Proxy on Windows 10 to do the same. Once VPN or Proxy is turned off, open the game launcher and see if you can complete the game update and play it. If the issue is resolved, you could set-it up and enable VPN again.

Disable Proxy servers

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Method 5: Enable Office ClicktoRun Service

In the office 2013 something went wrong error 1058-13 problem can possibly occur if ClickToRun service is enabled. Hence, try to disable the Microsoft Office ClickToRun Service by following the steps given below.

1. Press the Windows key and type cmd, then click on Run as administrator to launch Command Prompt with admin rights.

Launch Command Prompt as administrator

2. Here, type the following command and hit Enter key to execute it. The message should appear as SUCCESS

sc config clicktorunsvc start= auto

Execute the command. Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

3. Then, execute the following command.

sc start clicktorunsvc

Execute the command

Once these commands are executed, try to start a Microsoft Office application and check if the office 2013 stopped working windows 10 error is resolved. This method is effective. Hopefully, by now the error code 1058 13 persisting with respect to Microsoft Office is rectified. If not, don’t stress out. Try out other upcoming solutions.

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Method 6: Reinstall Microsoft Office

One trustworthy solution you have to rectify the error code 1058 13 is reinstalling the Microsoft Office 2013 application itself. For this method, you should have subscribed to the Office product you are using. Note that if you have office credentials, then go ahead with it. Follow the instructions given below closely and reinstall the Office 2013 software.

1. Hit the Windows + I keys together and launch the Settings page. Here, select Apps as depicted.

click on Apps setting. Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

2. In the Apps & features menu, search for the Microsoft Office app.

Select Apps and features

3. Then, select the app and click on the Uninstall option.

Click Uninstall. Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

4. Next, click on Uninstall in the confirmation prompt.

Click Uninstall again

Once you have uninstalled the MS Office application, reinstall it back. Here’s how to do it.

5. Visit the Microsoft Official webpage, then click on Sign In to access your Microsoft Account.

Click on Sign In

6. Enter your Username or email, and password credentials and click Next button to proceed with the login process.

Enter the Credentials. Fix Office Error Code 1058 13 in Windows 10

7. Select the Services & subscriptions on the menu bar as shown in the pic below.

select services and subscriptions

8. This page opens all your registered Office products. Here, locate the desired product you want to reinstall and select the Install button.

9. Now, click on the Install option.

10. Once the setup file is downloaded, double-click and open it to run the file.

11. After installation, go to a required Microsoft app and open its respective Account page. From there, sign in into your Microsoft Account.

Hopefully by now, the error code 1058 13 existing with respect to a Microsoft Office application 2013 is resolved.

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Method 7: Contact Support Team

If none of the above-mentioned methods did work, then the last option you have at hand is to contact the responsible manufacturer. Hence, contact the Microsoft Support or visit the nearby Microsoft store to resolve this error code 1058 13. The support team will assist you with this problem.

Microsoft Support page


Let us know which method worked out for you to fix error code 1058 13 in Microsoft Office 2013. Please feel free to discuss any queries or suggestions via the comment section given below.


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