Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error


Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error

PC gamers are already acquainted with emulators that help them to play games online with an enhanced experience. One such emulator is Dolphin which helps users of Nintendo video game consoles, mainly GameCube and Wii to enjoy games on these consoles with superior features like HD game view, turbo speed, multiplayer network, compatibility with all PC controllers, and many other features. Dolphin emulator uses traversal server which has been seen to show connection error by many users. If you are someone dealing with the same issue, then our guide is a perfect help in making you familiar with what is a traversal server and ways to fix traversal server connection error. Let us discuss this connection error in detail in the upcoming paragraphs and learn a great deal about fixing it easily.

Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error

How to Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error

Dolphin is an open-source emulator that helps Nintendo console users in playing online video games with enhanced features. Gamers can use it on Windows, macOS, Linux, and Android. Not just more features, but Dolphin brings better audio and video quality to the video games too. Also, the best part is that for GameCube and Wii multiplayer modes, gamers can have online sessions with their friends or other players, making the use of Dolphin quite efficient.

What is Traversal Server?

Traversal Server is a server connection for the Dolphin emulator that allows it to create a host code. As long as the host stays up, this code remains active. In case the server goes down, Dolphin cannot create a host code. The reason why the server goes down can vary from internet connection issues to server issues.

What Causes Traversal Server Error?

As discussed above, traversal server errors can occur due to varied reasons, some of which are mentioned below:

  • Outdated version of Dolphin
  • Overprotective security software
  • System cache
  • Bugs interfering with the server
  • Issues with wireless routers

Now that you have learned a lot about traversal, it is time to get into the fixes that can help you with the traversal server connection problem. So, below are the most effective solutions that have been reported to help many gamers:

Method 1: Use Latest Dolphin Version

First things first, to avoid the traversal server connection error it is important to make sure that you are using the correct and updated version of Dolphin. In many cases, it has been noticed that older versions have seen traversal error frequently while the updated ones that include fixes for NetPlay have not encountered anything of this sort.

Therefore, make sure that your version is new and also ensure that you have the same Dolphin version as your friends, as if you have different versions, it can cause compatibility issues and also de-synchronization, and eventually, traversal server connection issue. You can visit the official Dolphin Emulator download page and download the latest version.

dolphin emulator download page

Method 2: Temporarily Disable Antivirus (If Applicable)

PC users can face the issues of security software on their system blocking Dolphin or interfering with its working. It is the same for other online games too where users have reported their antivirus software blocking the games. Thus, it is important to ensure that the firewall in your system enables the game on your PC or doesn’t have any rules that go against the game. In case it does remove them or temporarily disable the software. You can read our guide on How to Disable Antivirus Temporarily on Windows 10 to do so.

Check Antivirus or Firewall Software. Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error

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Method 3: Use Virtual Private Network

There are times when your internet service provider blocks a certain application or in this, Dolphin on your system. This can restrict you from using the application. If this is the case for you then you can try using a VPN. VPN can help you with limited connection issues. VPN is also helpful when there is congestion in your network which can also result in traversal server connection error. If you want to know more about VPN then you can check our guide What is a VPN and how it works? If you already have a VPN and want to set it up on your computer then we have got you covered with it too with our guide on How to set up a VPN on Windows 10.

Disable VPN Service

Method 4: Clear DNS Cache

As discussed earlier, system cache can build up and cause issues with connectivity. There are many reasons behind why Domain Name System ends up being a problem for you, it may include a change of IP address, bad result storage, and more. Therefore, flushing the DNS can help you fix Dolphin traversal server connection error. This can be easily achieved with the help of our guide How to Flush and Reset the DNS Cache in Windows 10.

execute the command to flushdns in ipconfig in cmd or command prompt

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Method 5: Forward Required Ports

If you want to connect to your friends during an online game then forwarding the relevant ports on the default gateway on your browser while hosting a NetPlay session can be helpful. While the traversal server helps in hosting, you can still use port forwarding in case you are facing a connection issue with the traversal server. Port forwarding is also helpful in improving the network performance and ultimately fixing the error:

1. Launch the Portforward website and check the default ports of the game that you want to run.

Launch the Portforward website. Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error

2. Now, note the IP address, Username, and Password of your router.

3. Next, type the IP address of your router in the browser of your system.

Type the IP address in your browser

4. Now, log in with your Username and Password into your router.

5. Next, search for Port Forwarding and enable it.

6. Type the Port number and fill in the required fields, then click on Save.

Type the Port number and click on Save. Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error

7. Once the port has been forwarded, check if the traverse server connection error is resolved.

Method 6: Contact Dolphin Emulator Support

If you are still struggling to fix dolphin traversal server connection error then it is possible that the actual problem is with the server and there is nothing you can do but wait for the server to get back on track and work efficiently. Also, you can try to contact the team of Dolphin emulators for further inquiry or if the issues seem to recur on your system.

Contact Dolphin Emulator. Fix Dolphin Traversal Server Connection Error

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. How can I directly connect on NetPlay?

Ans. Connecting to NetPlay is quite an easy process. Enter the host’s traversal code or IP address after setting up your name. In case of a direct connection, connect via the host’s port and the IP address.

Q2. What is meant by port forwarding?

Ans. Port forwarding involves setting up public services on the network including e-mail servers, web servers, FTP servers, or other internet applications. When such requests are sent with the help of the internet to the network, the router forwards them to the computer.

Q3. Is port forwarding important for NetPlay?

Ans. Yes, port forwarding is important for NetPlay. You would need to forward port number 6501 to pass NetPlay through security software like Firewall on your system.

Q4. How can I update Dolphin Emulator?

Ans. To run an updated Dolphin Emulator on your system, download the new version of Dolphin emulator and run it on your system to check if it works fine. After that, delete the older version from your system.

Q5. Why is port forwarding important?

Ans. Port forwarding is important to preserve public IP addresses. It helps in hiding services and limiting access to & from a network. It protects users from unwanted access by limiting it. It also adds extra security and transparency to networks.


It is common for Dolphin users to encounter traversal server connection error while connecting to online gamer friends. But we hope that our guide helped you in the most efficient ways to fix the issue and enjoy your game without any issues. If yes, then let us know which one of the methods helped you in it. Also, leave your queries and suggestions in the comments section below, if any.


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