ESIC Form 37 2021 [Download in PDF Format]


ESIC Form 37 2021 [Download in PDF Format]

ESIC form 37 is known as the certificate of reemployment or continuing employment. ESIC form 37 is a declaration by the employer for continuity of an employee under the employee state insurance scheme 1948. Whenever employees change their job then the new employer has to submit this ESIC form 37 to their respective ESIC branch office to continue the previous ESIC number of the employee.

If the employee doesn’t submit this ESIC form 37 then the new employer may create another IP number for that employee, it leads to duplication of ESIC IP numbers

ESIC Form 37 Filled Sample

ESIC Form 37 Filled Sample

How to Fill ESIC Form 37

  • Field 1: Write the name and address of your current employer
  • Field 2: Write the address and ESIC code number of your current employer. ( If you don’t know just leave it, your employer will write it)
  • Field 3: Write the employee name.
  • Field 4: Write father name of the employee
  • Field 5: Write the ESIC IP number of the employee.
  • Field 6: Write the Starting date of ESIC contribution with present employer.
  • Field 7: Write the date of joining with the present employer.
  • Field 8: Write the end date of ESIC contribution with the previous company.
  • Field 9: Write the date on which you are submitting this form
  • Field 10: Your current employer will sign and write their designation along with the office seal.

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