EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process | When PF Will Credit


EPF Claim Status Shows Payment Under Process | When PF Will Credit

If your PF claim status shows payment under process then it means your application is being verified by the EPFO, after verification, you will receive a message from EPFO that your claim has been settled and payment sent via NEFT. Remember the maximum time set by EPFO fo claim settlement is 20 days, so in any one of these 20 days, you will get your PF amount.

Once you receive this message then within 1 or 2 days your PF amount will be credited into your bank account.

EPF Claim Status Shows Under Process

EPF claim status under process meaning

The meaning of EPF claim status under process is your claim is under review at PF office i.e your PF claim request received to your PF office and it is under process by EPF officers.

After checking the claim request EPFO will send your PF money to your bank account through NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer).

EPF members who apply for full PF, PF advance, and PF transfer by using forms like form19, 10C, 31, and transfer form 13 will see this message in their PF claim status.

There are a total of three types of messages you will be seen in the PF claim status website they are 1. PF claim status under process 2. claim settled and payment sent via NEFT and 3. claim is rejected (if is there any problem in your PF claim otherwise your claim will be approved.)

When EPFO makes payment through NEFT then you will see the below message in your PF claim status.

REMARKS Your Claim [ Claim Id – GRVSP200650009974 ] has been Settled. Payment sent via NEFT on – 17-JUN-2020

PF claim status under process for form 19 & 10C

We use form 19 to claim PF contributions of employee and employer (12% + 3.67%) and form 10c to claim pension amount (8.33%). It is common to see PF claim status is under process for forms like 19 and 10C. If everything is fine and bank account details are correct then soon your PF amount will credit into your bank account without any problem.

PF claim status under process for form 31

Form 31 is PF advance claim form, EPF members can get some amount as PF advance while working in the job by using this form. The maximum time to settle PF claims is 20 days. If you applied for PF advance with reasons like the outbreak of pandemic COVID 19 or illness then within 1 or 2 weeks your PF claim status will settle and you will receive the advance amount in your bank account.

PF transfer claim status under process

Unlike PF withdrawal request, for PF transfer settlements you need your present or previous employer attestation. So first your PF transfer request will go to your previous employer or present employer-based on our choice while applying for PF transfer.

After their approval only your transfer request will be sent to your regional PF office. In the meantime, your claim status will be seen as pending at the employer for attestation and pending at filed office respectively.

How to check PF claim status

EPF members can check their PF claim status in 4 ways, they are 1. At PF claim status portal. 2 At UAN member portal 3. At Umang mobile app 4. Offline by sending a message to EPFO.

1. At PF claim status portal

This is easiest and best way to check your PF claim status. EPFO has provided an online plat form to track your PF claim with your UAN and UAN portal password. To check PF claim status at PF claim status porta; follow the below steps

Step 1: Go to the PF claim status portal and enter your UAN number, password, and captcha.

Step 2: Select your PF member ID for which you have submitted your PF claim and click on view claim status. Now you will see your PF claim status. On the same website, you can also download your PF passbook.

2. At UAN member portal

Step 1: – Login in UAN member portal

Step 2 : – Go to online service in menu

Step 3: – Click on track claim status

Step 4: – Check your PF claim status.

3. At Umang APP

EPF members can apply and check their PF claim status at Umang mobile application easily.

Step 1:- Login in Umang app.

Step 2:- select EPFO under services

Step 3:- Now click on track claim status.

Step 4:- check your PF claim status.

4. Check PF claim status offline

EPF mebmers can also check their PF claim status offline by sending SMS or by giving a missed call.

By Sending SMS

To check your PF claim status by SMS type EPFOHO UAN LAN and send this message to 7738299899 from your registered mobile number in EPF.

# UAN means your UAN number

#LAN means language code

English ENG
Hindi HIN
Tamil TAM
Telugu TEL
Bengali BEN
Malayalam MAL
Punjabi PUN
Marathi MAR
Gujarat GUJ
Kannada KAN

For example if you want to know your PF claim status in Hindi language then type like this EPFOHO 100904312345 HIN

By giving missed call

Checking PF claim status by giving a missed call is the most easiest way to know your PF claim status, for this you need to have registered mobile number in PF. Once you have it then a give a missed call to 011-22901406.

Now the call will automatically be disconnected and within few seconds you will receive a message from EPFO regarding your PF claim status.

Eligibility to apply for PF claim

  • EPF members can apply for 100% of their PF claim amount after Two months from the date of leaving their job. To withdraw the pension amount minimum of 6 months of service is required.
  • EPF members can claim 75% of their PF amount after 1 month from the date of leaving and the remaining 25% can claim after 2 months.
  • The date of exit of the employee must be updated in the UAN member portal.
  • The Aadhar and bank account details must be linked and digitally approved by the employer.

Cancelling PF claim request

There is no online option to cancel the PF claim once it was raised. You have to wait for either claim settlement or claim rejection. But you can try to cancel your PF claim request by raising a grievance at the PF grievance portal or by directly visiting your PF office. Based on the reason for cancellation they may try to help you.

PF claim status contact number and email

To solve problems related to EPF claim the best option is the PF grievance portal. But your problem is not getting a solution in PF grievance portal then contact EPF toll-free number ✆ 1800118005 or send a mail to [email protected]

EPF Claim Status FAQs

EPF claim status is showing not available

Your PF claim status doesn’t show anything In the first two to three days from the date of submission of the claim. After that, it shows under process. But some times even after updation of claim status temporarily it will not be visible to you. In that case, you don’t need to worry about, soon the claim status will be updated.

How many days it will take to get the PF amount

The maximum time to get the PF amount to get into your bank account is 20 days, if your PF claim doesn’t settle within 20 days then you need to raise a grievance at PF portal to know why your PF claim is not settled and pending. Once you raise a complaint then within 24 to 48 working yours you will get an email from EPFO.

Why PF claim is rejected

There are so many reasons for rejection of the PF claim, these reasons change from one EPF member to another EPF member. For example, some claims will be rejected due to not uploading cancelled cheques or bank passbooks and some will be rejected due to non-submission of form 15G and some may due to the digital signature problems of employers. So like this PF claims will be rejected for different reasons.

But the good thing is if your PF claim is rejected then the reason for rejection will be updated in the PF claim status portal. So based on the reason you can solve your problem and reapply for PF claim.

What is PF claim settled

PF claim settled means your PF claim was successfully approved by the EPFO and they send the amount to your bank account through NEFT. It is the final stage of PF withdrawal process. Once your claim status shows claim settled and payment sent via NEFT then within 2 or 3 days you will receive your PF amount in your bank account.

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