Difference Between Relieving Letter and Experience Letter


Difference Between Relieving Letter and Experience Letter


Relieving letter and experience letter are different. A relieving letter will be issued on the last working date of the employee, it is proof of acceptance of the employee’s resignation & consists of the last working date. Experience letter will be issued after the Full & Final settlement, it consists of the service history of the employee.

If the employer wishes then he can provide both a relieving letter and an experience letter on the same day.

By observing the below formats of sample relieving letter and experience letter you can understand the difference clearly.

Sample Relieving Letter Format


 Kishore Kumar,

Sales Manager,

Marketing Dept.

Sub: Kishore Kumar Relieving letter.

Dear Kishore Kumar, 

This is in reference to your resignation dated 01 December 2020, your resignation has been accepted and you will be relieved from your duties with effect from 31 Dec 2020 as sales manager.

We wish you all the best in all your future endeavours.

For the Company Name

Authorized Signatory.

Sample Experience Certificate Format

To Whomsoever It May Concern



This is to certify that Mr. Kishore Kumar Nammi has worked as a sales manager in the marketing department from 01 Jan 2019 to 31 Dec 2020. During his tenure, we found him sincere and hardworking.

We wish him all the success in all his future endeavours.

For the Company Name,

Authorized Sigantory.

What is Relieving letter

Relieving letter looks like a letter format, which will be issued by the employer as a proof of acceptance of employee resignation. In general relieving letters will be issued on the last working date of the employee.

Employees need to submit this relieving letter to their new employer, to show them that their previous employer has not objected to leave him from his previous job.

What is an experience letter

Experience letter is also known as service certificate, it will be issued by the employer to employees. Experience letter consist of the service details of the employee i.e from which date to which date the employee has been worked. 

Experience certificates help the employee to get a better job and better salary based on his previous work experience.


Is relieving letter important

When you compare between relieving letter and experience letter, then relieving letter has less importance. Because an experience certificate will also act as a relieving letter. Because without proper relieving employers will not issue the experience certificates to employees.

But some companies ask you to submit the relieving letter separately, in that case you should get your relieving letter from your previous job.

Can I get a job without relieving letter.

Yes sometimes, if you have your experience certificate then by showing that experience certificate you can get a new job. But without both experience letter and relieving letter it is not possible to get a new job as experienced.  Without them you will be considered as a fresher.

Is salary mentioned in the experience letter.

Not every experience certificate consists of salary details. It depends on the employer. Some companies will mention salary details on experience letter and some companies don’t.

Can I get experience letter while working

Yes, you can request an experience certificate even while working also. It will be useful when you need an experience certificate for further studies, or Visa or gas connection etc..But the reason for providing an experience certificate will be mentioned on it.

Is stamp required on experience letter

Yes, company stamp and authorized signatory are mandatory on experience letter. Without them your experience certificate will be treated as invalid.

And experience certificates should be printed on company letter heads only.

What if my company refuse to issue experience and relieving letter

If you resigned from your job by serving a proper notice period and if you don’t have any dues with them, then you have every right to get your experience and relieving letter.

Still if they don’t issue them then you contact your laboru department branch office, they will help you in this matter.

Will terminated employees get experience certificates?

Yes, even though the employee gets terminated still he/she can get their experience certificate. Because no employer should have a right to spoil the future of the employee until that employee commits a major fraud in that job.

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