Can I Get a Custom Plan with Kinsta?


Kinsta’s plans and pricing structure is based on the needs of our customers, from small to large, and is able to accommodate the vast majority of use cases.

There are specific scenarios, though, where a plan seems to cover all your needs but one, letting you with an unsatisfactory feeling of “if only I could add this or remove that…” in your head.

As we always listen to customer feedback, we understood we needed to be more nimble with our plans. That’s why you can request a custom plan offer from our sales team.

Before getting into custom plans, let’s get an understanding of how our plans and pricing structure works. The table on our pricing and plans page outlines everything in detail, but it can be a bit intimidating at first sight!

Let’s break it down with some key metrics that make up a hosting plan.

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Number of WordPress Installs

This is the first step. A WordPress install can be anything here, from a small blog to a large multisite and anything in between.

WordPress is flexible in that sense and so are we. Almost any WordPress use case is supported!

Monthly Visits

This is a big indicator of the amount of work our server needs to perform to keep your site running stable and fast.

We use a server-based measurement method to calculate the number of visits your site gets. Read our guide to learn how it works.

SSD Storage

This is the disk space that’s needed to host all your website files and databases combined (here’s how to check disk usage in WordPress).

When you’re considering disk space, you usually think of it as a fixed quantity rather than a dynamic metric. When comparing it to visits, for example, if your site doesn’t get updated that frequently, you won’t likely need much disk space. The same thing could be said if you have many sites (or installs) that won’t likely affect your total disk space usage that much because any change has a relatively smaller impact on it.

Did you know that you can customize any standard hosting plan’s SSD storage limit yourself by adding any amount of disk space add-ons?

PHP Workers

PHP workers determine how many simultaneous uncached requests your site can handle at any given time. Depending on the complexity and popularity of your site(s), you might need more of these.

Read more on PHP workers in our detailed guide.

How We Use Key Metrics to Suggest the Right Plan

Now that you know about the metrics we use to develop our plans, you might wonder: how do they work together to bring Kinsta’s plans to life?

Here’s the answer: when determining what hosting plan is right for you, all of these metrics are equally important.

But it’s the metric with the highest requirement that suggests the best plan to choose. This way we make sure we’re able to accommodate all your current needs.

An example: Bob only has one static site, but it gets ~100k visits per month.

Our Starter plan looks like a good economical fit at first because it offers 1 WordPress install. This plan has a monthly visits limit of 25,000. Although we don’t charge for occasional and unplanned traffic surges, Bob’s site generates traffic that regularly goes over that monthly visit allowance, making the Starter plan too little for him.

That is why Bob should opt for our Business 1 plan, which is capped at 100k monthly visits, even though this plan has room for up to 5 WordPress installs.

Do You Have Specific Needs That Aren’t Covered by Current Plans? Introducing Custom Plans

We know there are use cases where fixed plans could fall short, leaving prospective customers with a bitter taste in mouth for being close to picking us at their hosting choice.

That is why, if none of our current plans seem to be a good fit for you, you can request a custom plan tailored to your exact needs.

Unsure whether you qualify for a custom plan?

Don’t hesitate to reach out to our sales team. We’re here to help you find the perfect fit with Kinsta. An Account Executive will reach out to you within one business day to go over your request and any questions you may have.

What Happens After You Request a Custom Plan

After we’ve completed the assessment of your hosting needs, your Account Executive will create a custom hosting plan proposal for you to review.

You will be able to access it and view it online via a private link or as a PDF file.

Your proposal will contain a detailed overview of your custom plan’s specifications and pricing, as well as an overview of what we took into account to determine the custom plan’s price.

All custom plan proposals have an expiration date. If we don’t hear back from you after you’ve received the proposal, it will expire and you’ll need to request a new one with your account executive.

Get Started with Your Custom Plan

Does the custom plan proposal look good to you? That’s awesome to hear!

Simply reply and confirm it with your Account Executive, who will send you personal instructions on what to do next to get started.

Ready to start exploring custom plan options? Talk to our sales team!

Save time, costs and maximize site performance with:

  • Instant help from WordPress hosting experts, 24/7.
  • Cloudflare Enterprise integration.
  • Global audience reach with 34 data centers worldwide.
  • Optimization with our built-in Application Performance Monitoring.

All of that and much more, in one plan with no long-term contracts, assisted migrations, and a 30-day-money-back-guarantee. Check out our plans or talk to sales to find the plan that’s right for you.


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