Build an Elementor WooCommerce website using Cerato theme


Welcome to this tutorial on how to build an Elementor WooCommerce website using Cerato theme. Elementor is a powerful page builder plugin for WordPress that allows you to create beautiful and professional websites with ease. Cerato is a modern and stylish WooCommerce theme that is perfect for creating an online store. In this tutorial, we will show you how to use Elementor and Cerato to create a stunning WooCommerce website. We will cover topics such as setting up the theme, creating pages, adding products, and more. By the end of this tutorial, you will have a fully functional WooCommerce website that is ready to start selling products. So let’s get started!

Build an Elementor WooCommerce Website Using Cerato Theme

Building an Elementor WooCommerce website using the Cerato theme is a great way to create a professional-looking online store. With Elementor, you can easily customize the look and feel of your website, while the Cerato theme provides a modern and stylish design. Here’s how to get started.

Step 1: Install Elementor and Cerato Theme

The first step is to install Elementor and the Cerato theme. You can do this by going to the WordPress dashboard and clicking on “Appearance” and then “Themes”. From there, you can search for Elementor and Cerato and install them both. Once they are installed, you can activate the Cerato theme.

Step 2: Set Up WooCommerce

Once you have installed Elementor and the Cerato theme, you can set up WooCommerce. This is done by going to the WordPress dashboard and clicking on “Plugins” and then “Add New”. From there, you can search for WooCommerce and install it. Once it is installed, you can activate it and set up your store.

Step 3: Customize Your Website with Elementor

Once you have installed Elementor and the Cerato theme, you can start customizing your website. Elementor allows you to easily customize the look and feel of your website, including the header, footer, and other elements. You can also add widgets, such as a product slider, to your website. With Elementor, you can create a professional-looking website in no time.

Step 4: Publish Your Website

Once you have finished customizing your website, you can publish it. This is done by going to the WordPress dashboard and clicking on “Settings” and then “Reading”. From there, you can select the “Front page displays” option and select “Your latest posts”. This will make your website live and ready for visitors.


Building an Elementor WooCommerce website using the Cerato theme is a great way to create a professional-looking online store. With Elementor, you can easily customize the look and feel of your website, while the Cerato theme provides a modern and stylish design. Follow the steps outlined above to get started building your website today.

Build an Elementor WooCommerce website using Cerato theme


Are you looking to set up your
online selling store and trying to find out the easiest way of creating an
online eCommerce store?  Then, you have
landed on the right page.

Now, you can conveniently create
your own online WooCommerce website by yourself for free of cost with this

Creating an online e-commerce
store with the help of online information can be an overwhelming task. But if
you follow our step-by-step procedure, you will end up with a great-looking eCommerce
store in no time.

You’ll need only three tools in
creating your own store.

1. Elementor: this is a free page builder
plugin for WordPress that will help you in creating your store’s pages like
homepage, about us, product catalogue, checkout and many other pages.

2. WooCommerce: this is the CMS which
will run your store

3. Cerato theme: Cerato is a highly functional
WordPress theme that comes with deeply customizable options and built-in
WooCommerce integration and demo sites to create online shop instantly.

First of all, install WooCommerce from WordPress directory and then follow this step by step tutorial to get your online e-commerce store with an impressive look.

How to Build an Elementor WooCommerce website using Cerato theme

Cerato Theme

Cerato is the premium Elementor
WordPress theme that comes with perfect functionalities for building an online
store. Cerato theme is compatible with WooCommerce plugin and includes powerful
and advanced features that are essential in creating an online e-commerce

Cerato offers unlimited possibilities
to utilise your creativity by using stunning theme options. Its highly mobile-optimized
layouts quickly adjust with every screen sizes.

With Cerato theme and Elementor
page builder, you can customize anything with multiple customizable option panels.

Quickly set up your online store
with the one-click demo importer and save lots of time. The one-click demo
importer option will quickly recreate your own shop in a minute without any

Cerato has unlimited header and footer options as well, and you can create powerful and amazing footer and header styles with visual Drag’n Drop option. Same way, you can enlist your products by using unlimited category layouts.  

Step1: Download Cerato theme from ThemeForest
Downloads page 

Start the installation procedure by purchasing the Cerato theme from ThemeForest Downloads.

Once you click on Download. Three
options will popup

1. All files and Documentation

2. Installable WordPress file

3. License Certificate & Purchase Code (PDF)

4. License Certificate &
Purchase Code (text)

You can use the 1st option to
download complete package including documentation while the second option “installable WordPress file only” is to
install the WordPress theme directly.

Unzip the folder, and it will contain
three folders inside.

  • Readme.txt
  • Documentation

Step 2: Cerato theme installation       

To install the Cerato theme, you
should have a current WordPress version. Once you activated WordPress, then
follow these steps of theme installation.

  1. First
    of all, upload the theme files and then activate the theme.
  2. The
    theme files can be uploaded in two ways;

FTP upload: if you are using FTP
program then go to your server folder “/wp-content/themes/”. And upload the
non-zipped theme folder.

WordPress upload: Go to>
Appearance> Add new themes> upload.

Go to>
browse> select the zipped theme folder> click “Install Now”.

You can view this video tutorial to install the theme

Once you are done with the installation
process, then feel free to create your website and play with amazing theme
options to create a stunning site.

Now, we’ll discuss how we can use header and footer builders with unlimited options to perk up the header and footer section.

header Builder

Cerato theme allows customization
of all design’s related settings by using WordPress Live customizer where you
can change anything and view the live results.

Go to> WordPress Admin > Appearance > customizer> how to use header Builder.

With header builder, you can
change font style, colours, and height and also add or remove elements like
language, social media icons or any other element as per your choice.  

Watch the video tutorial here “ how to use Header Builder”. 

Footer builder includes different
styles of footer widgets which you can use on multiple pages or select and
customize on a single page. Moreover, add multiple widgets, replace them or
rearrange widgets in a blink of an eye with powerful footer builder.

Have a look at video tutorial on
how to use Footer builder”.

How to use different theme options

Cerato theme also allows different
theme styles configurations and if you like to change the default settings of
the theme then

Go to > WordPress Admin >  Appearance > customize > Style.

The customization section allows changing the font color, size and background color.

Customize the WooCommerce theme style

This section controls color options for WooCommerce elements like title, price, sale price, cart button, out of stock, quick view button and many other elements.

Customize Homepage settings

You can also customize Homepage settings. You can choose in which order you want to show your posts whether you like the traditional chronological order of post display or a fixed or static page. If you wish to display a static Page as your homepage then you have to select two pages; one will become your static homepage and the other page will display your posts.

You have gone through how to
install the Cerato theme and how you can customize different theme options.

Now, let’s discuss how Elementor visual page builder will help you in creating your online store and how can you create stunning page layouts by simple drag’n drop option.

What is Elementor and how does it work With Cerato Theme

Elementor is a visual page
builder for WordPress sites that allows users to create web pages in live mode,
where they could visualize all changes livelily.

Elementor is a live frontend editor that replaces the basic WordPress editor, so the users could easily visualize changes in layouts without swinging back and forth between editor and preview mode. This compelling page builder enables the users to create intricate design visually without using any coding or CSS. Check out this tutorial for further information. 

Elementor settings

Move to Elementor > Settings in the WordPress and checked two boxes Disable Default Colors and Disable Default Fonts.

Create a WooCommerce store with Cerato theme

Step 1: create a shop Homepage

If you want to set up your homepage as your shop front page, then do some basic changes, and change the default WooCommerce base page to your WordPress shop homepage.

In the homepage settings area: Go to > front page display > click on
Static page > select your desired page from the dropdown menu > save

To show your shop on the front
page follows these steps too;

Go to> WooCommerce >settings > products > Display > change current WordPress homepage settings to Shop > save changes.    

That’s it. Now you have your shop homepage on display.

Store Notice page

If you want to display any kind
of notice on your site, then create a store notice page which will be displayed
on all pages of your website. You can display free shipping notice or limited
stock available notices.

Customize Product Catalogue to display on the shop

In this section, choose which products you want to show on the main shop page. Choose the category and how the products are going to be sorted out and how much products you want to display per row.

 Checkout page settings

You can change the checkout page settings also and create terms and conditions as per your companies policies.

Customize shop page

In this setting section, you can
control multiple product display options;

  • How many products to display on the homepage
  • Enable or disable hover effect on products
  • Enable/ Disable product Catalogue
  • Enable free shipping notice on your site
  • Enable product border
  • Control white space between the product’s
  • Cart icons
  • Enable Highlighted products on top with a
  • Shop sidebar

Customize product page settings

In this section, you can set
single product page settings and you’ll be able to control the following

  • Enable/ Disable product share option
  • Enable Buy now a choice; this option allows the
    users to redirect to the cart page once they select any product to buy.
  • Enable next or previous products navigation
  • Enable product zoom option
  • Enable recently viewed products by other viewers
  • Enable related products available

How to add and manage new products

In the left bar, the product menu option is available and you can add new products. Once you click on the add product, a window will pop up where you can enter all of its attributes, title, price and stock details.

Create multiple categories

Create unlimited classes to
organize your products. The customers will easily navigate between different
categories, and sort out products they want without any hassle.

Create order Tracking page

Cerato theme allows its users to
create a tracking page for the customers. Follow these steps

  • Add new page from pages menu
  • Create a page title
  • Paste this shortcode in the text editor;

    To track your order please enter your Order ID in the box below and press the "Track" button. This was given to you on your receipt and in the confirmation email you should have received.

  • Click publish

Create a wishlist and compare page

Follow this procedure to create a
wishlist and compare pages.

Step 1: create new pages for wishlist and compare pages.

Step2: Go to> customize> wishlist/ compare

After setting these two areas the final display of wishlist and compare pages will look like this;

Wrapping up

Cerato is no doubt one of the perfect
WordPress themes that come with the Elementor page builder. Cerato theme’s rich features give a
perfect choice to create a stunning online eCommerce store with tons of customizable
options. You can create amazing header and footer layouts, product and
catalogue details and so many other options. So, try any homepage style that
fits perfect for your online store creation.           


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