Punjabi Varnmala Drawing Book (Learn Punjabi Alphabets 2 in 1)

Key Features

Immerse your child in the vibrant world of Punjabi Varnmala with our interactive drawing book! Designed to introduce young learners to the Gurmukhi script, this book is a perfect blend of educational exploration and creative expression. With 41 letters of the Punjabi alphabet represented in captivating illustrations, your child will embark on a delightful adventure that combines learning with play.

1. Learn the Gurmukhi Script

Our book covers the 41-letter Punjabi alphabet.

2. Cognitive Development

Boost Cognitive Growth with Fun IQ Challenges.

3. Educational and Fun

84 pages for hours of educational entertainment.

Cultural Enrichment

Explore Punjabi culture through illustrations of traditional elements, fostering a sense of cultural pride and awareness. Unlock the world of Punjabi Varnmala with our drawing book, igniting your child’s curiosity, enhancing language skills, and celebrating the rich heritage of Punjab. It’s not just a book; it’s an educational adventure!

Learn Punjabi Alphabets with Drawing Book 2 in 1 (jassweb)

Punjabi Varnmala Drawing Book

Front Cover with Premium-Quality Glossy Paper

Begin with an introduction to the Punjabi Varnmala (Alphabet). You can include the 41 letters of the Gurmukhi script, starting with ੳ (Orrah) to ਅ (Airra) and their corresponding sounds.

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Vivid illustrations for each letter.

For each letter, create a colorful and attractive illustration representing words starting with that letter.

The Punjabi word “ਊਠ” translates to “uth” in Romanized script, and in English, it means “camel.” So, “ਊਠ” is pronounced as “uth” and refers to the animal known as a camel in English.

Illustrations-punjabi-drawing-book-ura (1)

Letter-Writing Practice

Dotted outlines for letter-writing practice.

Practice writing with dotted outlines. Build fine motor skills, and connect with the Punjabi alphabet. Interactive, fun learning for confident handwriting and language appreciation.

Coloring Activities

Coloring pages with Punjabi culture.

Include coloring pages with various objects and animals related to Punjabi culture and language. Dive into Punjabi culture with our coloring pages, blending fun with cultural discovery for an enriching learning adventure.

Progressive Learning

Easy to advance in progression.

Organize the book in a way that introduces the letters in a progressive manner, starting with simple letters and gradually moving on to more complex ones.

Practice Pages

Independent letter-writing practice pages; no dotted outlines.

Include practice pages where kids can try writing the letters on their own without any dotted outlines.

Unlock the Book’s Inner World (Screenshot)


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