addgroup -g 1000 developers Linux Commands – Overview with Examples and FAQs


The Linux command addgroup -g 1000 developers is used to create a new group on a Linux system. This command allows you to specify a group ID (GID) for the new group, which is 1000 in this case. This command is useful for creating groups of users who need access to certain resources or privileges on the system. It is also useful for assigning permissions to files and directories. With this command, you can easily add new users to the group and manage their access rights.


The addgroup command is used to add a new group to the system. The syntax for this command is:

addgroup -g

For example, to add a group called “developers” with a group ID of 1000, the command would be:

addgroup -g 1000 developers


Adding a group to a Linux system is a simple process. The addgroup command is used to create a new group on the system. This command takes a few parameters, such as the group name and the group ID (GID).

To add a group called “developers” with a GID of 1000, use the following command:

addgroup -g 1000 developers

This command will create the group “developers” with a GID of 1000. All users added to this group will have the same GID. This is useful for setting up permissions and access control.

Once the group is created, you can add users to it using the usermod command. For example, to add the user “john” to the “developers” group, use the following command:

usermod -a -G developers john

This command will add the user “john” to the “developers” group. The user will now have access to any resources that are restricted to members of the group.

The addgroup command is a useful tool for managing groups on a Linux system. It can be used to create new groups, add users to existing groups, and set up access control for resources.

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