9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank


9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

Windows system users have access to a number of Microsoft programs that makes their lives extremely easy. Microsoft Office is one such tool that offers multiple MS programs that can be used for official purposes. Microsoft Word is a widely used word-processing software and a component of Microsoft Office. MS Word software has a lot of advanced features that allow users to format and edit their files and documents in the best possible way. Even though the software is flawless in creating documents, contracts, and write-ups, the Microsoft Word document went blank issue is encountered by users a lot. If you are also facing the same issue and are asking yourself, why did my Word document go blank then, then you have landed on the right page. In today’s doc, we will discuss reasons that turn your Word doc blank and different methods that you can attempt to fix saved Word doc file opening up blank issue.

9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

How to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

Here, we have given the solutions to solve Microsoft Word document went blank problem in detail.

Why did My Microsoft Word Document Went Blank?

Several times, MS Word users have complained to open a blank document with no text. This unfortunate incident occurs due to the reasons listed below:

  • Microsoft Word document goes blank in case it has been corrupted in some way.
  • MS Word documents can also appear without text due to malware, virus, or other external threat attacks.
  • Forceful or improper termination of the Microsoft Word tool while editing a document can also cause the document to go blank.

How to Fix Word Document Not Showing Content

Irrespective of what causes a blank document, there are different potential workarounds that can help you get back your original document with text. To know more about how to address blank docs when accessing files on Microsoft Word, look at the methods given below.

Method 1: Restart PC

First of all, before you move onto complex methods to resolve the Word document has gone blank problem, you should restart your PC. Refreshing or rebooting a system helps in reloading resources and eliminating temporary problems. It also helps in fixing issues with Microsoft Office software, if any are found. You can try some new techniques for the restart process with the help of our guide on 6 Ways to Reboot or Restart a Windows 10 Computer.

Restart PC

Method 2: Run Microsoft Word as Admin

Running a Windows program with administrative privileges is a great way to resolve various issues within the software. The same is the case with the saved Word doc file opening up blank where running Microsoft Word as admin helps in giving the software full access to the system that is required to open a document and in solving other minor glitches. You can run MS Word as admin using the following steps:

1. On your PC screen, right-click on Microsoft Word.

2. Now, click on the Properties option from the menu.

3. Next, in the Compatibility tab, select Run this program as an administrator.

check the Run this program as an administrator option under the Settings section.

4. Finally, click on OK to save the changes made.

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Method 3: Update Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word document went blank issue can also come up if the MS Word software you are using runs on an outdated version. An older version might have an underlying issue, bugs, or errors that can be a problem causing reason for your Word doc. Therefore, you must keep MS Word updated to avoid such issues.

1. First, go to the File tab and select Account in it.

Select Account. Fix saved Word doc file opening up blank

2. Next, click on Update Options.

Click on Update Options. 9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

3. Finally, click on Update Now.

Click on Update Now

4. Follow the prompts on the screen and launch MS Word again to check if the blank doc issue has been resolved.

Method 4: Update Windows

As much as Microsoft Word update is important to avoid Word document not showing content, it is as crucial to keep your device updated. This helps in ensuring that your device is compatible with the version of Microsoft Word you are running. It is quite easy to install a new update manually, you can learn more about it from our dedicated guide on How to Download and Install Windows 10 Latest Update.

Update your PC. 9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

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Method 5: Use Open and Repair Feature

If you are wondering, why did my Word document go blank, the most plausible reason behind it is a corrupt document. This issue can be easily resolved by using the Open and Repair command tool in Word. To know more about this tool and how to use it, refer to the steps given below:

1. Open the Microsoft Word application.

2. Click on the File menu or Microsoft Office icon and select Open.

Open the File menu in MS Word

3. Now, click on the blank Word file.

4. Next, click on the down arrow present next to the Open button.

5. Finally, select Open and Repair.

Open and Repair word file in Microsoft Word. Fix saved Word doc file opening up blank

Method 6: Use /a Switch Utility

If your Word document has gone blank, you can fix it using the /a switch utility. This switch is a troubleshooting tool that can easily find out a problem in your Word document. On opening the troublesome Word doc with /a switch, all add-ins, global templates, and settings will not load which will help you to determine the exact issue causing areas.

1. Hit the Windows + R keys simultaneously to open Run dialog box.

2. Now, type winword /a in the box and press Enter key.

Enter winword /a

You can disable the add-ins if the Word document opens with the text.

Method 7: Delete Word Data in Registry

Another effective method in resolving the saved Word doc file opening up blank problem is by deleting Word Data in the registry. Word Data registry subkey stores most of the options and default settings in MS Word. On restarting Word, the program rebuilds the Word Data registry subkey with the help of default settings. You can delete this subkey using the following steps:

1. Exit MS Word and open the Run prompt box by pressing Win + R key.

Open the Run box. Fix saved Word doc file opening up blank

2. Now, type regedit in the Run dialog box and press Enter.

Enter regedit. 9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

3. Next, navigate to the following location path.


4. Now, right-click on Data and select Delete.

5. Finally, close the registry and launch Word to check if the blank doc issue has been resolved.

Method 8: Turn Off Add-Ins

You can also fix the Microsoft Word document went blank issue by turning off add-ins in Microsoft Word. Add-ins in MS Word offers extra functions to the docs. On the other hand, the same add-ins can cause issues with Word software. Therefore, you can move forward with turning them off using the steps below:

1. Launch MS Word and click on the File tab.

Click on the File tab

2. Now, click on Options.

Click on Options. 9 Ways to Fix Microsoft Word Document Went Blank

3. Next, click on Add-ins from the side panel.

Click on Add-ins. Fix saved Word doc file opening up blank

4. Now, turn off the add-ins that are active but not being used.

Once add-ins are turned off, try opening the blank document again and check if the issue has been resolved.

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Method 9: Restore Previous Version

Lastly, if your Word document has gone blank and you are not able to fix it with the above-mentioned methods, you can try restoring the blank doc to its previous version. This method has been proven quite helpful in bringing back blank Word files. To perform this method, you need to enable File History in advance.

1. Right-click on the blank Word doc and select Restore previous versions.

microsoft word blank page. Fix saved Word doc file opening up blank

2. Select the latest one from the list of previous recovery points.

3. Finally, click on the Restore button to recover your blank document back.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Why is my Word document blank?

Ans. The prominent reason behind a blank Word document is a corrupt doc. This can be due to malware, virus, or external threats.

Q2. Can I recover lost work on Word?

Ans. Yes, you can recover lost work on Word by accessing the Recover Unsaved Documents option via File.

Q3. Can I recover a corrupt Word doc?

Ans. Yes, you can recover a corrupt Word doc by accessing the Open and Repair command.

Q4. What does a blank doc mean?

Ans. A blank doc bears no text, mark, or symbol.

Q5. How can I know if my Word doc is corrupted?

Ans. You can get to know if your Word doc is corrupted in case your computer becomes unresponsive, if document formatting or layout keeps on changing, if there are unreadable characters, or if there is an unspecified error message.


This brings us to the end of our guide on Microsoft Word document went blank issue. We believe that we were able to answer all your doubts about a blank doc. Let us know which method helped you the most and if you have any other queries, please leave them in the comments section below.


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