7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working


7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

Hulu is a streaming service that has become increasingly popular in recent years. It offers a wide range of TV shows, movies, and original content exclusively on its platform. With Hulu, you can catch up on your favorite shows, watch new releases and exclusive content, and discover new favorites. Hulu also offers a variety of add-on options, such as live TV, premium networks, and entertainment packages. If you’re having difficulty streaming video to your Chromecast device, you’re not alone. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to troubleshoot and get your Hulu streaming back up and running. In this blog post, we’ll look at the most common causes of Hulu Chromecast not working, and provide helpful tips and tricks to help you get your Hulu Chromecast black screen issue resolved quickly.

7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

How to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

Here, we have shown the solutions to fix Hulu Chromecast blackscreen issue in detail.

Does Hulu Still Work with Chromecast?

Yes, Hulu does still work with Chromecast. Chromecast is a streaming device that allows users to stream content from their mobile device or computer to their television. Hulu is a streaming service that offers live TV, movies, and TV shows from a variety of networks and studios.

  • With Chromecast, you can easily access Hulu content from your mobile device or computer and stream it to your television. All you need to do is make sure your mobile device or computer is connected to the same Wi-Fi network as your Chromecast device and then open the Hulu app. Once you’re in the app, simply select the Cast icon and select your Chromecast device.
  • Hulu has also recently added a My Stuff feature to their app which allows you to save content to your list and access it quickly and easily. This feature is available on both Chromecast and other streaming devices.
  • In addition, Hulu has also added the ability to control your Chromecast from within the Hulu app. This makes it even easier to access and control your Hulu content. You can pause, play, and jump forward or back without ever having to leave the app.

Why Does Hulu Keep Crashing on Chromecast?

Unfortunately, many users have experienced Hulu crashing on Chromecast. There are a few possible reasons why this might be happening.

  • Poor network connectivity or an unstable internet connection can be one of the main reasons why does Hulu keep crashing on Chromecast.
  • Hulu servers can sometimes experience downtime, causing the app to crash unexpectedly.
  • If the Hulu app cache is corrupt, this can cause the Hulu Chromecast black screen issue when trying to cast content.
  • If the file format of the content you are trying to cast is not compatible with Chromecast, this can cause Hulu to crash.
  • If the Hulu app installed on your device is outdated, this can cause it to crash when trying to cast content.
  • If the Chromecast device is outdated, this can cause why is Hulu not connecting to Chromecast when trying to stream content from Hulu.
  • If a VPN or proxy server is enabled, this can cause an issue when trying to cast content.
  • If the installation files of the Hulu app are misconfigured, this can cause it to crash when trying to cast content.

Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

If you’ve been struggling to get your Hulu streaming working on your Chromecast, you’re not alone. But don’t worry, help is here! This section will provide you with some simple steps on how to fix Hulu Chromecast not working.

Method 1: Basic Troubleshooting Methods

Before you try the advanced troubleshooting methods, follow these basic troubleshooting hacks that helps you fix does Hulu still work with Chromecast issue.

1A. Restart Video

Restarting the video can help to reset the connection between Hulu and Chromecast. When the connection is reset, it can help to clear any connection issues that may be causing Hulu not to work properly. It can also free up any data or memory that was being used to stream the video, which can help with performance issues.

  • Rewind or Forward the video for a few minutes and then play the video.
  • Return to the screen and click on the Play button on the video.

1B. Restart Hulu App

Restarting the Hulu app can help fix does Hulu still work with Chromecast issues because it refreshes the connection between Hulu and your Chromecast device. This helps ensure that the two devices can communicate properly and can help resolve any issues that may be causing the Chromecast to not work properly.

  • You can close the Hulu app and then re-launch it from the home menu on your phone.
  • On your Windows PC, you can close the current tab or browser and restart the Hulu app or service.

1C. Check Other Apps and Streaming Platforms

Try opening other streaming platforms like Disney+ Hotstar and check if you can stream any video on the platform. If it works fine, the issue might be with the Hulu app.

1D. Check Subscription Plan

Check if your subscription plan to the Hulu service is active or expired. If the plan is expired, renew your subscription to the Hulu app to fix the why does Hulu keep crashing on Chromecast issue.

1E. Resign in Hulu App

Relogging to the Hulu app can help fix why is Hulu not connecting to Chromecast by refreshing the connection. This can help eliminate any connection issues that might be causing problems, such as a weak or unstable internet connection. It can also help clear the cache of the app, making sure that the latest version of the app is being used and that the device is up to date.

1. Click over your name at the top-right corner of the Hulu window.

2. Click on the Log out option.

3. Open the Hulu homepage.

Go to Hulu website on a browser

4. Click on the LOG IN button at the window’s top-right corner.

5. Enter your correct login credentials and click on LOG IN.

Enter your credentials. 7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

6. Select your profile and start streaming on Hulu.

1G. Check Internet Connection

If the connection is weak or has dropped out, it can prevent Chromecast from streaming the content. Having a strong connection also helps to ensure that the content is streamed in the highest quality. Moreover, a good connection helps Hulu run more smoothly and efficiently.

You should follow the recommendations that are given in the Hulu Help Center which state:

  • Internet speed needs to be 3.0 Mbps for Hulu Streaming Library.
  • 8.0 Mbps is required for live streams on the app.
  • 16.0 Mbps is required for viewing 4K content.

Once the given speed recommendations are met, you can try to run Hulu and check if Hulu Chromecast black screen issue has been resolved.

1H. Remove Unnecessary Active Devices

Removing Unnecessary Active Devices helps to fix Hulu Chromecast not working by allowing the Chromecast device to properly communicate with the user’s device. This communication is essential for Chromecast to receive data and stream it correctly. By removing any unnecessary active devices, reduces the amount of interference and congestion on the network, which can ultimately cause streaming issues.

1. Open your Hulu account and navigate to the Your Account icon.

2. Navigate to the Watch Hulu on Your Devices section.

3. Click on the Manage Devices option associated with Watch Hulu on Your Devices section.

4. Click on the Remove option for all the unnecessary devices you want to remove from your account.

hulu remove device. 7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

This is an effective fix for the multiple profiles on Hulu error. However, if you continue to receive does Hulu still work with Chromecast issue, move on to the next advanced troubleshooting methods.

1I. Wait for Hulu Server Uptime

Checking Hulu Server services helps to fix why does Hulu keep crashing on Chromecast issue because server services can provide a smoother connection between your device and the streaming service. If the server services are not up to date or are working inefficiently, they can cause errors, slow buffering, or even prevent the stream from playing altogether. You can check the Downdetector server status page for Hulu server status information. If there are any errors reported, wait until they are resolved.

Check Server Status of Hulu

Method 2: Clear Chromecast App Cache and Data

Clearing the Chromecast app cache and data helps to fix why is Hulu not connecting to Chromecast issue because it helps to reset any temporary data or settings that may have gotten corrupted. This can help to resolve any issues that have arisen with the app itself and may be causing problems with casting. It is a simple and quick way to get the app back to its default state, often resolving the issue with minimal effort.

1. Open Settings and tap on Apps and notifications.

tap on Apps and notifications

2. Tap on See all apps.

Click on tap all apps. 7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

3. From the list, find and tap on the application you are unable to cast onto your TV.

4. Tap on Storage and cache.

Tap on storage and cache

5. Tap on Clear cache or Clear storage if you want to reset the app.

Search for chrome flags

The issue should be resolved, and streaming should work properly.

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Method 3: Manually Update Hulu App

Updating Hulu App and Data helps to fix Hulu Chromecast not working because updating the app ensures that the app is running the latest version of its code. This can help fix any bugs or glitches that might be preventing the app from properly connecting to the Chromecast device. Follow the below instructions to update the Hulu app manually to fix Hulu Chromecast black screen issue.

1. Type Microsoft Store and launch it from the search result, as shown.

Open Microsoft Store

2. Click on the three-dotted icon to open the menu. Now, click on Downloads and updates as highlighted.

click on downloads and updates in Store.

3. Next, click on the Get updates button and then, click on the Hulu download icon.

Click on get updates to update applications. 7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

Method 4: Update Chromecast Firmware

Updating Chromecast Firmware helps to fix Hulu not working as the firmware updates provide the latest bug fixes, security patches, and performance improvements. These updates allow Chromecast to support the latest features and services, such as Hulu, as well as keep it running smoothly. You can do so by checking the Google Home application on your smartphone. Chromecast gets updated automatically, and there’s not much one can do about it. But if there is any lapse in updates, Google Home is the place to go. You can also update it via Google TV as instructed below.

1. Navigate to the home screen of your Chromecast with Google TV.

Chromecast with Google TV

2. Choose Settings then System.

3. Then select About followed by System update.

4. Follow the on-screen instructions to update your firmware.

For further detail, check our guide to update Chromecast to solve Hulu Chromecast black screen issue.

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Method 5: Use Chrome Browser to Watch Hulu

Using the Chrome browser to watch Hulu offers greater stability and reliability compared to other browsers. Chrome is designed to be fast, secure, and reliable, and it has a built-in media player designed to make streaming media content easy. The Chrome browser also helps to fix Hulu Chromecast not working by providing a reliable and secure connection for streaming content to the Chromecast device. It also offers users a better user experience, with fewer problems and glitches.

Method 6: Reinstall Hulu App

Reinstalling Hulu helps fix the discussed issue because it refreshes the software, clears any corrupted data and can reinstate the connection between the app and the Chromecast. The reinstallation process also updates the app to the latest version, which can resolve any compatibility issues between the app and the Chromecast device. Additionally, reinstalling the app can restore any settings that may have been changed or corrupted, enabling the Chromecast to work properly.

1. Hit the Windows key, type apps and features, and click on Open

open apps and features

2. Search for Hulu in the Search this list field.

Search avast software from the list. 7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

3. Then, select Hulu and click on the Uninstall button shown highlighted.

click on Uninstall

4. Again, click on Uninstall to confirm.

5. Restart the PC after uninstalling the app.

6. Visit the Hulu Microsoft Store page.

7. Click on Get in Store app to open it in Microsoft Store and click on Install option.

Click on Get in Store app. 7 Quick Ways to Fix Hulu Chromecast Not Working

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Method 7: Contact Hulu Support

If none of the methods works for you, you can try contacting the Hulu team for support. It allows the customer service team to get a better understanding of the issue. By providing details, like the device’s make and model, the customer service team can determine if the issue is caused by a software glitch or hardware problem. Also, by reporting the problem to Hulu, customers can get support to help fix their Chromecast not working issue.

Hulu support page


We hope that our guide on Hulu Chromecast not working issue helped you out with all your queries regarding this recurring Hulu Chromecast black screen issue and was able to resolve it with the methods given above. If you happen to have any other issues, queries, or suggestions too, please leave them in the comments section below.


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