7 Best Ways to Contact EPF Customer Care


7 Best Ways to Contact EPF Customer Care


If you are contributing to EPF then you may have some doubts or queries, and some times you may face problems related to KYC updation, PF passbook download, and PF final settlement, etc.. As per the statistics of EPFO from August 2019 to October 2010 there are total 4,50,60, 972 active EPF members are present in India. EPFO is doing its best to help all these EPF members whenever they need any help.

If you want to know how to contact EPF customer care? here I have listed 7 best ways to contact EPF customer care to solve your problems or to get answers to your queries.

How to Contact EPF Customer Care

  1. Call EPF toll free number
  2. Send email to EPF help desk
  3. By lodging complaint at EPF grievance portal
  4. Contact EPFO through their Twitter Account
  5. By visiting your EPF regional EPF office
  6. By calling landline number of your PF regional office
  7. By filing RTI

1. Call EPF Toll Free Number ✆ 18001118005

This is the easiest and one of the primary methods to contact EPFO whenever you have a problem or queries regarding PF. EPF members can call the EPF toll free help desk number ✆ 1800118005

Call Timings: This number works in between morning 9.15 Am to the evening at 5.45 Pm. In between these timings, EPF members can call to this number.

2. Send Email to EPF Help Desk

EPFO support team responds to emails in a prior manner. EPFO has two separate email ids one is for employee queries and another one is for employer queries.

For employees: [email protected]

For employers: [email protected]

In general EPFO help desk team will respond to the email queries of employees and employers within 24 to 48 working hours.

3. By Lodging Complaint at EPF Grievance Portal

Lodging complaints at the PF grievance portal is one of the best ways to solve any EPF related problem. Every day there are some lakhs of EPF members and pensioners are getting solutions to their problems through the PF grievance portal.

Visit EPF Grievance Portal

We need to use our UAN number to login EPF grievance portal, after login we need choose to our PF member ID and grievance category. After choosing the category we need to type the problem.

Once we raise the grievance then our problem will be addressed or solved with in 24 to 48 hours. Another best thing about EPF grievance portal is we can track our complaint.

4. Contact EPFO through their Twitter Page

Social media is a weapon to solve our problems related to various government schemes. Even EPFO is addressing the problems of EPF members through their Twitter handle.

EPFO Twitter account user id: @socialepfo

If your problem doesn’t need more technical analysis then you will get an answer to your query at the PF twitter page, if it needs in-depth analysis then they will request you to raise a grievance at the EPF grievance portal.

5. By Visiting Your EPF Regional Office

Talking directly will solve your problems in a fast manner. Use this option when you are not getting a solution to your problem by using the above methods. You need to visit EPF regional office under which your company is registered.

Now a days, we don’t get the necessity of visiting PF office directly due to various online services provided by EPFO especially EPFO grievance portal. But still you can try this option to solve your EPF related problems.

6. By Calling Landline Number of Your PF Regional Office

There are so many situations where EPF member works in one location and their PF office locates in another place. In that case it is not possible to visit PF office directly, at this time EPF members can call directly to their regional EPF office. They can get the landline line number of their respective PF office branch online either by doing Google search or in PF official website.

Know your PF office landline number

7. By Filing RTI

Right to Information act allows you to get information from various public authorities under state government and public government. EPFO comes under the central government, so anyone can get their required information by filing an RTI application on the RTI portal.

If you haven’t registered on the RTI portal till now, then first you need to register on the RTI website, and later you need to sign in with your user Id and password.


In 2020 the best way to solve your EPF related problems is by raising grievance at the EPF grievance portal. So if you are facing any PF related problems like PF final withdrawal or KYC problems or pension-related problems then raise your complaint at PF grievance portal. Remaining methods you can use as backup options.


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