6 Ways to Fix Verizon Server Error


6 Ways to Fix Verizon Server Error

Verizon is an American network operator that offers wireless connectivity. Verizon provides voice, data, and video services. Verizon network is used for mobile phones, telephones, and internet services through a variety of devices. While using this network, it is quite common to encounter Verizon server error. This error is experienced while making calls from time to time. Mostly, the issue comes across on Android devices. If you are also one of those Android users who are facing this problem then you have come to the right place. In this doc today, along with learning about what causes Verizon server error, you will also learn about different methods that can help you fix this error. So, let us begin with resolving the Verizon error right away.

6 Ways to Fix Verizon Server Error

How to Fix Verizon Server Error

Even though there are a number of reasons that can trigger the Verizon error, it can still be fixed using some of the tested and tried methods that can easily troubleshoot this error. Follow these methods in the manner they are stated below:

Method 1: Ensure Proper Network Coverage

The first method to start with involves checking network coverage to ensure you don’t encounter the Verizon error. Even though Verizon covers the network excellently, you can still possibly face issues in connectivity. If you live in a remote area, you might not get proper network coverage. Therefore, you must aim for higher ground to try and pick up the signals. Also, make sure to steer away from any kind of obstacles like bushes, trees, or other likely objects to ensure proper network coverage.

Method 2: Restart Android Phone

Another method that you can try to resolve Verizon server error is by restarting your Android device. Once you have clear network coverage on your device, it is time to rule out the possibility of bugs and glitches, or other malfunctions. This can be done with a simple phone restart, to know more about it, refer to our guide on How to Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone?

Restart Android Phone

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Method 3: Ensure SIM Card is not Damaged

The next step in order to resolve the Verizon server problem is by checking and making sure that your SIM card is not damaged. It is possible that the SIM card you are using might be faulty. You should check the SIM card for damage and if there are clear signs of damage then you can try out another SIM card from Verizon and check if the error gets fixed with it.

Method 4: Reset Network Settings

Another way to resolve Verizon server error is by resetting network settings. As the error is related to a network connectivity problem in your device, you can reset its settings on your Android phone. To reset network settings, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Note: The following steps are performed on Vivo 1920. Steps may vary depending on your Android device.

1. Open your Android phone Settings.

Open Settings

2. Now, tap on System management from the list of options.

Tap on System management. How to Fix Verizon Server Error 

3. Navigate to Backup & Reset and tap on it.

Tap on Backup & Reset

4. Now, select Reset network settings.

Select Reset network settings. How to Fix Verizon Server Error 

5. Finally, tap on Reset settings and check if Verizon server error is fixed.

Tap on Reset settings

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Method 5: Turn Off Advanced Calling Settings

If you have been unsuccessful in fixing the Verizon error till now, then turning off the advanced call settings of your Android phone can help you out. While advanced call settings are great to make clear and undisrupted calls, these can sometimes trigger the Verizon error. Hence, you must turn off these calling settings and to deactivate them, follow the steps below:

1. Launch your Settings app on your device.

Open Settings. How to Fix Verizon Server Error 

2. Select Network in it.

3. Open the Internet and choose Advanced Calling in it.

4. If the option is turned on then disable it and restart your phone.

5. Once the phone restarts, try making a call from your Verizon network and check if the error has been resolved.

Method 6: Contact Verizon Customer Support

In case you still cannot fix Verizon server error then you must try contacting Verizon customer support for professional help. You can inform the customer support team about the issues you are facing to get help from them.

Contact Verizon Customer Support

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What is Verizon Server Error?

  • Verizon server error is faced by Verizon users, mostly by Android users.
  • The error is usually encountered on making calls from time to time.
  • On experiencing this error, the user becomes unable to make calls.
  • On getting Verizon error, the user gets a message stating server error, please try again later.
  • The error also comes across on your device when someone tries to call you. This error sends all calls straight to voicemail.

What Causes Verizon Server Error?

There are a number of reasons that have been seen to trigger the Verizon error. Let us look at some of the most likely culprits behind it below:

  • Coverage issues on the Android device.
  • Calling malfunction caused by bugs and glitches.
  • Damaged SIM card.
  • Faulty network settings on Android phone.
  • Activated advanced calling features.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. What does it mean by server error?

Ans. On making calls or receiving them, a server error can pop up. It usually means that the server you are trying to use on the website cannot complete the action requested. The error is caused by either due to a resource issue or an error in the website.

Q2. What can I do if my Verizon phone is not connecting?

Ans. If your Verizon phone is not connecting, make sure airplane mode is off, make sure your device is in the coverage area, by removing interruptions around the device, and by changing your Wi-Fi calling settings to cellular.

Q3. How can I refresh my Verizon phone signal?

Ans. To process updating your Verizon phone signal, you can start by restarting your phone or by dialing *288, selecting option 2 when prompted, and finally by dialing *22899 then pressing send.

Q4. Why is there no signal on my phone?

Ans. If there is no signal on your phone, you can check your phone settings to see if your mobile data or network is off.

Q5. Why is Verizon LTE not working?

Ans. Verizon LTE not working can result from poor signal coverage, network settings, or SIM card issues.


We hope that our guide on Verizon server error was helpful in acquainting you well with Verizon calling server error, its causes, and different methods to fix it. Let us know about your thoughts, queries, doubts, or suggestions by leaving your comments below.


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