5 WordPress Age Verification Plugins to Help You Add an Age Gate 2023

1. Age Verification Plugin for WordPress
2. Age Verification Popup for WordPress
3. Age Verification by BestWebSoft
4. Age Verification by WPBrigade
5. Age Verification by WPForms

Need to add an age check gate to your WordPress site? Using a pre-built WordPress age verification plugin is going to be a much simpler option than trying to custom code your own solution. While age gates aren’t technically required by law in most major jurisdictions, plenty of businesses dealing in age-sensitive industries opt to use an age gate to at least partially control the age of their visitors. Common industries where you’ll see them include alcohol, tobacco, gambling and more.

Additionally, even though age gates aren’t required in most countries, Americans might be interested in knowing that the FTC still does recommend that such sites use age-verification technologies anyway. No matter what your reason, adding an age gate to WordPress is easy with any one of the following WordPress age verification plugins.

Best WordPress Age Verification Plugins in 2023

We’ll take a peek at six different WordPress age verification plugins in the following sections. The first two are 100% free, with the third operating on a freemium model and the fourth and fifth are premium. If you’d like to jump to a specific plugin, you can use the links below. Otherwise, we’ll go through each one in order:

1. Age Gate

Age Gate is a fairly new release – it’s only been out for a month or so as of when this post was written. Despite its youthful age, it has an intriguing feature list, good (albeit limited) reviews, and a responsive developer who’s pushing out plenty of new releases.

Age Gate WordPress plugin
Age Gate WordPress plugin

Let’s start with the most helpful feature. The plugin excludes search engine crawlers and bots so that they don’t run into any issues crawling your site. Beyond that, it also gives you flexibility by letting you:

  • Choose between restricting your entire site or just specific content
  • Add an age gate specifically to your registration forms
  • Allow users to input their age via three different methods (Has simple yes/no option)
  • Add an optional “remember me” box that users can check to avoid future age checks
  • Exclude logged-in users from age checks
  • SEO Friendly – common bots and crawlers are omitted from age checks
Age Gate settings panel
Age Gate settings panel

And in addition to those features, you can also add your own logo to the age check form and customize all of the text that appears. The default style is also a bit more modern than the previous Age Verify plugin that we looked at:

Age gate created by the plugin
Age gate created by the plugin

And lastly, a feature that was just added is the ability to switch over to a JavaScript triggered version. This would ensure that you can bypass your host’s or plugin’s cache.

Not caching on age gate
Not caching on age gate

Honestly – the feature set on this one is great. The only thing it’s lacking is age and popularity.

2. Dispensary Age Verification

While Dispensary Age Verification is technically an add-on for the WP Dispensary plugin, you don’t need to use the core plugin to use this add-on, nor is Dispensary Age Verification limited in the topics that it deals with.

Dispensary Age Verification WordPress plugin
Dispensary Age Verification WordPress plugin

It’s actually a lightweight, but still fairly flexible, solution for adding a simple age gate to your entire site. The entire site part is the most important – the plugin will show the age gate on a visitor’s first visit no matter which page they land on. But if that’s ok with you, you’ll have full control over the design of your age gate via the WordPress Customizer.

Once you’ve activated Dispensary Age Verification, you can go to Appearance → Customize → Age Verification to set up your:

  • Logo
  • Title
  • Message
  • Minimum Age
Using the WordPress Customizer to make changes
Using the WordPress Customizer to make changes

Because the settings use the native WordPress Customizer, you can preview all of your changes in real-time. Other than customizing your age gate – there’s nothing else that you need to do. That is, the age gate is live as soon as you activate the plugin. To turn it off, you’ll need to deactivate the plugin.

3. AgeVerify

AgeVerify is a bit more heavy-duty in its approach to WordPress age verification. It gives you tons of different templates to match a variety of uses.

AgeVerify WordPress plugin
AgeVerify WordPress plugin

But…there’s one pretty major downside to this plugin. The free version is ad-supported. That means if you want to remove ads from your age verification gate, you’ll need to purchase the pro version for $59. It does give you decent flexibility by letting you set:

  • Custom cookie expirations
  • Custom redirect URLs

And the background images that it uses are a nice touch. But the simple fact remains that unless you pay for Pro, your age gate is going to look like this:

Using an included background
Using an included background

And that doesn’t look very professional, does it? All in all, AgeVerify is flexible and looks great if you’re willing to pay, but the free version isn’t the best option.

4. Age Verifier for WordPress

Age Verifier for WordPress is the first plugin on this list that doesn’t offer any kind of free version. While it’s still affordable at $17, you should take that into account when making your decision.

Age Verifier WordPress plugin
Age Verifier WordPress plugin

For that $17, you do get some gorgeous designs, as well as a helpful visual builder to customize the look of your age gate. You can also choose different verification methods, as well as how long the cookie should last before it expires.

A more modern-looking age gate
A more modern-looking age gate

Another nice thing is that you can add animation effects for when your age gate appears. Honestly, though – the core functionality isn’t much different than the functionality offered by the free plugins.

Your purchasing decision for this plugin should basically come down to: Am I willing to pay $17 to make my age gate look better? If so, grab this one. If not, you can probably get by with one of the free WordPress age verification plugins.

5. Age Checker

Age Checker for WordPress is another premium plugin you can choose from. It’s only $14 and offers a few unique features that the other plugins above don’t.

Age Checker for WordPress plugin
Age Checker for WordPress plugin

The Age Checker plugin offers 3 background modes, a solid color, image, or video. While many of the above solutions have a birthday as an option, one of the unique features in this plugin is the ability to have a simple checkbox or enter verification method. Perhaps you need something simple, such as having the visitor confirm they are over a certain again, but you don’t want to go as far as requiring a DOB. This works great for that!

Confirm age in WordPress
Confirm age in WordPress

You can also redirect users, change the form validation text, and cookie life. Crawlers can be omitted from age verification to ensure this doesn’t harm your SEO.

Which WordPress Age Verification Plugin Should You Choose?

In the end, Age Gate has the best blend of functionality and style, and it just lacks the track record of a well-reviewed option like Age Verifier for WordPress. Dispensary Age Verification also provides a nice lightweight solution, though it doesn’t offer the same depth of functionality as the other plugins.

Did we miss a great WordPress age verification plugin? If you know of a good option that deserves to be on this list, let us know in the comments below.


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