2-Page Resume Template Free Download in Word


There is nothing wrong in using 2-page resume formats for both freshers and experienced. Freshers who have multiple internships and project works can use 2-page resumes. Similarly experienced candidates who have multiple job experiences can fit their information into 2 pages.

2 Page Resume Templates for Freshers

Format 1

2 page resume format for freshers free download

Format 2

2 page resume format for freshers free download in MS Word

2 Page Resume Templates for Experienced

Format 1

2 page resume template for experienced free download

Format 2

2 page resume template for experienced free download in Word

Format 3

2 page resume templates for experienced

When to Use 2-page resumes

Writing a 2-page resume is not bad a thing as most people think. If you are unable to fill in all your information on one page, it is better to add an additional page, instead of minimizing your information.

If you are a fresher and want to just mention your education and skills then a 1-page resume will be enough, but if you have done any internships (or) project works, in that case, a two-page resume might be needed, but not mandatory.

For experienced candidates, who have worked in multiple companies, it is impossible to fit all the data on a single page. In that case, a two-page resume is required for them.

(Most people fill out their resumes with unnecessary details like unrelated skills, don’t do that. If all your information fits on one page, a one-page resume is enough. )

How to format a two-page resume?

1. Contact Information

Your contact information is extremely important on your resume. You should mention your name, phone number, and email ID at the top section of the resume.
It makes the recruiter easily contact you in case you get shortlisted for an interview or job.

2. Photo

Attest your recent passport-size photograph just beside your contact details on your resume.
You can easily upload your photo if you are using MS word (or) Google docs to make your resume.
If you are submitting a printed copy (hard copy) of the resume, it is better to affix a physical photograph on the resume.

3. Put the most important information first

  • Experience
  • Skills
  • Education
  • Project Works
  • Other Information such as achievements, interests, certifications, etc.

4. Personal Information
You have to mention your personal information such as your date of birth, gender, languages are known, hobbies, etc in the final part of the resume.


1. Is the resume to be 2 pages in 2023?

yes, you can still use 2-page resumes in 2023, there is nothing wrong with it.

2. Is a 2-page resume Ok for freshers?

For most of the freshers, a 2-page resume is not required, they can fit that info in a single page by narrowing the margins on MS Word. Still, if some info remains, in that case only use a two-page resume.

3. Should a 2-page resume be double-sided?

No, do not use a resume filled on both sides, it looks very unprofessional.

4. Can I use a 3-page resume?

There is no use of 3-page resumes, except if you have some decades of experience.



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