12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working


12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

You may now look for a love companion online thanks to the advent of online dating among other things. Modern culture has made internet dating a more accepted concept, and users of the Bumble app have become enthusiasts of this trend. It is a terrific approach to developing new friendships and relationships with individuals all over the world, not simply a partner. But when the Bumble breaks down, it’s frustrating. The Bumble app may malfunction for a variety of reasons; for example, maybe Bumble keeps freezing or crashing. If you are also dealing with the same problem, you are at the right place. We bring to you a perfect guide that will help you fix the Bumble app not working on Android and iPhone. Also, we have explained why Bumble keeps crashing Android or iPhone.

12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

How to Fix Bumble App Not Working

Here, you will get to know about the solutions for Bumble app crashing issue in detail.

Various Troubles with Bumble Not Working on Android or iPhone

When Bumble malfunctions, it may lead to many unpleasant problems for users. You can run into quite a few problems with the way the Bumble app functions. The following are a few of the problems customers encounter when they report that Bumble not working on iPhone or Android-

  • Bumble not opening iPhone or Android.
  • Bumble app crashing on devices.
  • Bumble not loading or is stuck on the loading page.
  • Bumble keeps freezing.
  • Bumble app not working on Wi-Fi.
  • A blank screen is displayed on Bumble.

Let’s look at the reasons why the Bumble app not working on Android or iPhone after being acquainted with all the common problems one could experience with it.

Reasons Why Bumble Not Working on iPhone or Android?

Bumble may malfunction in several ways, such as Bumble keeps crashing Android devices or failing to establish a wifi connection. The Bumble app may reject your requests for cooperation for several reasons. Examining the causes of the Bumble app’s malfunction can help. We have provided you with a list of reasons why Bumble refuses to cooperate-

  • The issue may lie with the Bumble servers rather than your app. The Bumble servers may be down leading to the bumble app crashing.
  • The Bumble app is not compatible with the device you are trying to run it on.
  • You have weak network connectivity, be it cellular data or wifi, or are unable to connect to the internet at all.
  • Bumble app may face issues with its functions if your device is in battery-saving mode.
  • Many a time the VPN may be hindering your connection and making the app face certain interruptions while functioning.
  • The latest version of the Bumble app has not been updated on your device.
  • Too much cache and unnecessary app data information stored can cause the app to perform poorly on your device.
  • There may be glitches and bugs in the system causing the app to face problems in running.
  • There may have been issues with its initial download; it may have not downloaded properly or may have become corrupted.

Let us now take a look at how we can solve these issues and ensure the smooth functioning of the Bumble App.

Solutions to Fix Bumble App Not Working

Numerous causes lead to a wide range of solutions that might assist you in getting your Bumble app back to working properly. Let’s look at a few simple solutions to be sure the problems you are having are no longer a concern.

Note: The first and foremost thing you have to make sure is that your device is compatible with the Bumble app if not you might want to try using it on another device. Other than that, before diving into any of the methods below, make sure that the Bumble servers are not the ones causing the problem. If the Bumble servers are down, there is no other way than to wait for them to come up. But if the site is in perfect working condition and you are still unable to access your account try the methods mentioned down below:

Method 1: Restart App

When you first open an app, in this case, more precisely Bumble, you can have trouble navigating it or the screen might become frozen. A frozen application appears like that. Simply close the application, wait a few seconds, and then open it up once more. The likelihood is that the app will no longer be frozen after you reopen it.

Open the Bumble dating app.

Method 2: Restart Device

Many issues that are interfering with your device’s normal operation might be resolved by restarting it. Any glitches and malfunctions that might be the cause of Bumble crashing on your device or possibly the issue with Bumble not opening iPhone or Android device will be eliminated by restarting your device. Android users can use How to Restart or Reboot Your Android Phone? and iPhone users can use How to Restart iPhone X guides respectively to restart the devices.

drag the slide to power off icon. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

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Method 3: Troubleshoot Internet Connection

Many a time, the issue lies with your internet connection. The Bumble app not working on wifi or cellular network can be solved with a few quick fixes.

Option I: Restart WiFi Router

If you are using a WiFi network to run Twitter on your mobile device, it is important to check if the WiFi is connected properly. You should also make sure that the WiFi router is getting the required power connection. Also, make sure to check the router for any faulty cables. If WiFi issues are not resolved you can perform a reboot of your WiFi router.

1. Locate ad long-press the power button on your WiFi router and wait for it to shut down.

2. Once shut down properly, remove all the cables from the power outlet.


3. Wait for a few minutes and reconnect the WiFi router.

Option II: Ensure Stable Connection

If you are using mobile data, make sure you are receiving strong network signals. If not, try to move to a location with better network reach. Always, make sure you have a valid and active internet plan on your mobile. If you continue to have the internet issues, check out the How to Boost Internet Speed on Your Android Phone guide to find way to boost your internet speed.

Click on Wireless and networks. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

Method 4: Alternative Sign-in Through Apps

By inputting your cell phone number or a Facebook ID, you may access the Bumble app. Try alternating between the two. Try logging in with your mobile number if you’re experiencing problems using your Facebook ID to access your account. Your issue can be the result of trying to open your account with the incorrect information.

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Method 5: Sign In Through Another Device

Consider using a different device to sign in if you have the Bumble app downloaded on that one to see whether the issue is with that one or the app itself. If you are able to sign in, your device is the issue. Sometimes you are unable to use Bumble solely because the device you are trying to use.

Method 6: Disable Battery Saving Feature

Sometimes, attempting to conserve battery life may result in you losing your Bumble. You might be able to conserve battery life by turning on power saving, but the Bumble app’s functionality might be affected. Therefore, if your Bumble app is giving you problems, consider disabling the power saving mode.

Option I: On Android

You can use these simple steps to turn off battery optimization on an Android device.

1. Open Settings from the phone menu.

2. Locate and tap on Battery.

Locate and tap on Battery. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

3. Locate and tap on Optimized charging.

Locate and tap on Optimized charging. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

4. Turn off the Use optimized charging toggle.

Turn off the Use optimized charging toggle. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

Option II: On iPhone

If you are using an iPhone device, you can turn off battery optimization by following these simple steps and solve Bumble not working on iPhone issue.

1. On your iPhone, open the Settings

2. In Settings, select Battery from the list.

select Battery setting

3. Now, select Battery Health to open the next screen.

select Battery Health

4. Locate the Optimized Battery Charging toggle and turn it off.

Locate the Optimized Battery Charging toggle and turn it off. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

5. Select Turn Off Until Tomorrow or Turn Off depending on your preference.

Select Turn Off Until Tomorrow or Turn Off depending on your preference.

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Method 7: Update App

You should always use the updated version of any app to ensure that it runs smoothly without any glitches. And update removes any prior bugs that might be hindering its functioning. Just follow the following steps to update your Bumble app to solve Bumble app crashing problem.

Option I: On iPhone

1. Open Apple App Store.

2. Open your Profile.

tap on profile icon iphone apps store

3. Tap on the Update icon beside the Bumble app.

Option II: On Android

If you are using an Android device, you can enable auto-update to automatically install the latest updates for all your phone applications. You can also manually install updates for a specific application on your device. If you are new to Android OS, you can check out the How To Automatically Update All Android Apps At Once guide to find steps to enable auto-updates, and manual app updates.

update bumble app. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

Method 8: Update Device

Updating your device is of great necessity. A non-updated device won’t just hinder the functioning of the Bumble app but others as well. Updating your device whenever a new upgrade pops up makes sure that your device runs smoothly and bugs free. Just follow the following steps-

Option I: On iPhone

1. On the Settings Menu tap on the General option.

On the Settings Menu tap on the General option

2. Tap on the Software Update option.

Tap on the Software Update option. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

3. Further, tap on Download and Install.

tap on Download and Install. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

Option II: On Android

Following are the steps to fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android problem.

1. Open Settings on your device.

Open Settings. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

2. Tap on the Software Update option.

Tap on Software Update. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

3. Further, tap on Download and install.

Download any latest updates. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

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Method 9: Disable VPN

You need a VPN while using Bumble to communicate with individuals in other parts of the world. But occasionally, this is what slows down and delays our connection to the app. You must turn off the VPN option on your device to eliminate disruptions caused by it. Follow these steps to disable VPN to fix Bumble app crashing issue.

1. Open Settings from the phone menu.

2. Here, go to Network & internet.

go to Network and internet. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

3. Now, select VPN.

select VPN. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

4. Tap on the gear icon next to the VPN service.

Tap on the gear icon next to the VPN service. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

5. Finally, tap Forget VPN.

tap Forget VPN

Method 10: Clear Cache and Data

Speed is ensured by cache and cookies, but too much of both can create lags and disruptions. To guarantee uninterrupted access, you’ll need to often clear your cache and cookies. Make careful to remove any superfluous app data that accumulates on your Android phone. If you are not sure how to, you can check out the How to Clear Cache on Android Phone (And Why Is It Important) guide to find different ways to clear cache data from your Android device and fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android issue.

clear cache and data of android app

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Method 11: Reinstall App

If it appears that the Bumble app has gotten corrupted, your only option is to reinstall it on your device. Since your malfunctioning application can no longer be fixed, I t is the only option remaining and ought to be considered a fallback plan in case all other solutions fall short of solving the issue. Simple actions to take are as follows:

Option I: On iPhone

Follow these steps to fix Bumble not working on iPhone issue.

1. On the Menu screen of your phone, press and hold the Bumble app.

Open the Bumble app on your phone.

2. To remove Bumble from the phone, select Remove App from the menu.

3. Open the Apple App Store to perform a fresh installation of the app on your phone.

Option II: On Android

Here are the steps to solve Bumble keeps crashing on Android issue.

1. Press and hold down the Bumble app.

2. Select Uninstall from the menu to remove the application.

Uninstall Bumble. 12 Ways to Fix Bumble App Not Working

3. Access Google Play Store and install Bumble once more.

Bumble App on Google Play Store. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android

Method 12: Contact Bumble Support

There is nothing better than consulting professionals when unsure about what to do. Contacting Bumble customer service could be a good option if none of the aforementioned fixes work. The problem could have been caused by anything that calls for expert help rather than straightforward adjustments. Problems with the app that is beyond our control are addressed best by professionals.

bumble support page. Fix Bumble keeps crashing on Android


There might be various reasons why Bumble keeps crashing Android or iOS devices. You can get beyond these problems using the strategies indicated above. We hope that this guide was helpful and you were able to fix Bumble app not working or crashing issue. Let us know which method worked for you best. If you have any queries or, suggestions then feel free to drop them in the comments section below.


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